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Restaurant phrases and vocabulary PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson A
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Some common vocabulary and phrases to use when ordering food in a restaurant.



- Would you like tap or bottled water?
- Tap is fine.
- Would you like to hear our specials for today?
- Just your entrée specials, please.
- For a main course, we have stuffed flounder, filet mignon and roast duck.
- How much is the stuffed flounder?
- It's $17.99 and comes with two side dishes.
- What are the side dishes?
- You have a choice of sautéed spinach, lemon potatoes, mixed vegetables, or broccoli.
- I'd like the spinach and potatoes.
- Will you be having any wine with dinner?
- Yes, I'll have a glass of pinot grigio, please.
- How is everything?
- Delicious. May I see the dessert menu?
- Certainly.
- What do you recommend?
- The chocolate mousse. It's the best in NYC!
- Okay, I'll have the mousse, please. Also, may I have the check?
- Coming right up.


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