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Dinner at a restaurant (Fat Rat Education) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson A
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Many useful expressions you need to order food at a restaurant.

Dining out

- Hi I’m Lori, I’ll be your waitress today, can I get you anything to drink?
- Just water
- Would you like bottled or regular?
- Regular
- And for you?
- I’ll have a diet soda
- Great. I’ll be right back


- Have you decided what you’d like? Or do you need some more time?
- I’ll have the grilled chicken and a dinner salad
- And what kind of dressing would you like?
- What kind do you have?
- Italian, blue cheese and French.
- I’ll have the Italian and... can you serve that on the side?
- Of course, and for you sir?
- The Peppered Salmon, is that very spicy?
- Yes!
- I don’t like spicy, I’ll have the steak
- And how would you like that cooked?
- Medium, please
- Alright, so that’s chicken with salad, Italian dressing on the side, and one steak, medium.
- Yes.
- Thank you.


- Be careful, it’s hot!, Can I get that for you?
- Yes, please
- And is there anything else I can get you?
- May I have a steak knife?
- Of course. I’ll get that right away.
- How is everything?
- Excellent!
- Very good
- Great!

Finishing the meal

- Are you still working on that? Or shall I wrap it up for you?
- I’m done
- I’ll take this to go
- Would you like a dessert menu?
- Yes, please
- Would you like coffee?
- Yes
- I’ll have some too
- Cream or sugar?
- I’d like some cream
- I’ll have sugar

Ordering dessert

- Have you decided what you’d like for dessert?
- I’ll have the chocolate cake
- And for you?
- I’ll have the cheese cake
- Excellent, I’ll be right back

Get the bill

- Did you enjoy your meal?
- It was wonderful!
- Can I get you anything else, or should I get your check?
- We’ll take the check
- Thank you for coming

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