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Some people's descriptions (iswearenglish) UNIT 7 - part of lesson G
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This British teacher will give you a few examples of people's descriptions. For intermediate levels.

Hi , Describing People. Well if you look at me I've got pale skin. Uh... I've got blue eyes, I've got grey what used to be fair hair, I've got a red, used to be red , grey beard um... I´m fattish. I´m medium height.

OK let´s describe some more people. OK, maybe a girl maybe she is blonde she's got long blonde curly hair. She´s got a small , petite
small nose. She's got blue eyes that´re quite narrow and she's got a sun-tan so her skin is reasonably brown. She's got a very good figure and really a very nice bust.

OK, let´s try describing an old person. Maybe a grandmother. She has gray hair and wrinkled skin, and maybe she has a bulbous nose. Maybe the nose is a bit red because she drinks too much, um... maybe her body's pear shape the shape of a pear and uh...

There's another description. Yeah, how about a young person? There's a young boy a with blonde fair hair and very pale skin. OK and blue eyes again almost albino but not quite , he´s hair is not white, eh he's quite short in stature but he's got broad wide shoulders but very thin hands with very thin fingers.

OK, maybe a person could have a ... chiselled features, like they were sculpted, um... maybe an actor could have a cleft in his chin, maybe Kurt Douglas has a cleft in his chin. Um...

Yes people can have short hair they can have a fringe , hair in front of their fringe. The hair could be down over their ears. You could have a afro curly black. A  girl could have ponytail or pigtails , one in each. A person could have a wrinkles on their forehead they could have read rosy cheeks and a big smile or a sad face yeah , so I hope that helps.

There you go describing people. If you enjoyed the video give it a rating please subscribe to my channel and if you´ve got any questions feel free to post thanks for watching see you soon , bye .


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