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Welcome to my new apartment (Top Notch TV) UNIT 6 - part of lesson G
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A mother and a daughter talking about her new house.

Welcome to my new apartment, Mum!
I liked your old apartment at 24 Oak Street better.
That’s because you live at 22 Oak Street.
Your old apartment had such a nice view.
The view here is nice too, Mum. The park is just across the street. And my office is around the corner.

Nice refrigerator. It’s very small, isn’t it?
The refrigerator?
The kitchen.
It’s a little small, but I like it. There’s the dining room, the office, and the living room.

The chairs are nice. I like the sofa. Why’s the dresser in the living room?
There’s no place else for it to go.
But where are the other rooms, honey?
Mum, it’s a studio apartment. There are no other rooms.

This is it?
This is it!
But where’s the bedroom?
I’m afraid to ask about the bathroom.
Oh, Mum! I think it’s nice.


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