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Be the perfect boyfriend (Videojug)
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Today's women are much more demanding about their relationships than in the past. Do you want to be the perfect boyfriend? Here's how to. Or you can check how to be the perfect girlfriend.

How to be the perfect boyfriend

Hello and welcome to VideoJug. "Radio 1" listeners wanted to know how to be the perfect boyfriend. We’ve been up all night, and here it is:

Being the perfect boyfriend can be quite a challenge. We’re going to show you how to get it right.
Step 1:
Listen to her

Girls like to talk a lot, about things you don't really understand such as shopping, make-up, and feelings. It's important to seem interested no matter how confused you are because girls value communication above all things. If you do lose the thread, and she suddenly demands a response, here are a few phrases that may come in useful: "What an interesting story!" or "I can't believe it, tell me again in more detail" or if all else fails, "oh sorry, I was just thinking about how much I love you."
Step 2:
Love her friends and family

No matter how great you think you are, you're not the only person in her life. Her family and friends are also important to her. Remember key facts about them, such as their names, so you avoid saying things like "oh her, the fat one with the hair".

Try and make them your friends too. This way, when you screw up and she runs crying to them, you've got someone on the inside. Remember: hell hath no fury like a woman's friends.
Step 3:
Be a man

In the olden days, it was all about being a man’s man, then it was briefly about being a woman's man, now it’s about being the perfect man. The operative word here is 'man'.
Sure, you can carry her bag, open doors, and pump iron; but can you be supportive and facilitate her ability to achieve? Has she got a new job? Give her a call. Has she written a poem? Read it. And if she's afraid of the dark, be the one who turns on the light.
Step 4:
In the bedroom

When it comes to bedtime, and matters of the night you need to be play your woman like a piano - you can play a soft sonata, some freeform jazz, or a drive tim
e power ballad. Whatever song she's in the mood for, play it well and you're bound to get an encore.
Step 5:
Surprise her

Buy her some flowers! Take her out! If it's been a good month, treat her to a mini-break! The last option is fantastic, as it gives her ample opportunity to reward you for your good deeds.
Step 6:
Be hygienic

The perfect man is the wind beneath her wings not the wind beneath the duvet. Be respectful, contain and disguise your bodily odours. She does it, why can't you?
Shower regularly, always brush your teeth and stay well groomed.

Top Tip: Deodorant is for after the shower, not instead of it.
Step 7:
Be faithful

If you're with this girl it's for a reason, decide early if you're serious about her, and then never mess around.

Have fun with your girlfriend.

WE’VE BEEN UP= If you’re up at night, you are at home but you don’t go to bed.

BEING THE PERFECT...= Notice that when we use a verb as the subject of a sentence, the verb is in the –ing form. Remember that when a verb plays the role of a noun, we use the –ing form.

GET IT RIGHT= Do it correctly.


MAKE-UP= Colours women put on their face for decoration because they firmly believe they look more beautiful like that.

GIRLS VALUE COMMUNICATION ABOVE ALL THINGS= The most important thing for girls is communication.

ABOVE= Careful with the pronunciation: /əbʌv/.

THREAD= A thread is a fine cord of twisted yarns, esp. of cotton, used in sewing or weaving. But we can also use it figuratively to mean something acting as the continuous link or theme of an idea or a story: the thread of the story.

TO LOSE THE THREAD= To cease following (or understanding) how different parts of a story or argument are connected.

IF YOU DO LOSE THE THREAD= We use the auxiliary verb DO in an affirmative sentence when we want to emphasize the verb.


KEY FACTS= The most important information.

SUCH AS...= For example,

AVOID= (Always followed by –ING) If you avoid doing something, you don’t do it.

TRY AND MAKE= The verb TRY (and the verb GO) are followed by infinitive with to, but often use AND instead of TO:
- I want to do it
- You should try to do it = You should try and do it
- Go to see if she’s alright = Go and see if she’s alright

SCREW UP (coll.)= If you screw up, you make a big mistake and cause damage or make somebody feel hurt or angry.

ON THE INSIDE= With the words INSIDE and OUTSIDE we use the preposition ON.

HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN’S FRIENDS= The word HATH is old fashioned English (= has). In old English, the third person singular adds –TH instead of present –S. This means "the fury of a woman’s friend is the most terrible thing you can think of". The sentence here has been modified to suit this video, because what people say is "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" (SCORNED= treated with contempt, not loved, despised).
This phrase is a common misquotation (wrong quote) from the book "The Mourning Bride", by William Congreve (an English writer from the 17th century). The original sentence says: "Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned".


THE OLDEN DAYS= An old fashioned expression which means "many years ago", "in the old times".

IT WAS ALL ABOUT...= The most important thing was...

A MAN’S MAN= Very manly, a macho man.

A WOMAN’S MAN= Not a common expression the way it is used here, but they use it in contrast to "a man’s man", meaning a man who is focused on his woman and is soft and tender like a woman.

PUMP IRON= Work out in the gym so that you build your muscles. To pump iron refers to the activity of lifting (elevating) iron weights.

SUPPORTIVE= Offering support or help.

TO ACHIEVE= To get your objective through hard work and effort.


WHATEVER= It doesn’t matter what

SHE’S IN THE MOOD FOR= If you are in the mood for something, you want to do it, e.g. "Sorry, I’m not in the mood for going to the cinema".

YOU’RE BOUND TO GET...= You will very probably get...

AN ENCORE= A repetition of an activity. This French expression (= again) comes from music concerts. When a band has finished a concert but people liked it a lot and they want the band to play another song, people shout "encore, encore, encore". The pronunciation is still French, so we say /ɒnkɔ:/.


TREAT HER TO...= If you treat someone to a drink, some food or an entertainment, you spend money to get that for them, as a special present.

A MINI-BREAK= A short holiday or trip.

AMPLE= Big, more than enough.


HYGIENIC= Clean (in a health context). Pronounced /haɪdʒi:nɪk/.

THE WIND BENEATH HER WINGS= If you are a bird, the wind beneath (=under) your wings is what lets you fly, your support.

DUVET= A French word with a French pronunciation: /du:v/. A duvet is also called a "continental quilt". It is a quilt, usually with a washable cover and a filling of feathers, that may be used in place of a bedspread and top sheet. Most English beds have it.

THE WIND BENEATH THE DUVET= A very tactful way of referring to a fart when in bed. A fart is, err, air with a horrible odour that you can expel through your anus.

DISGUISE= If you disguise something you change its appearance so that it is difficult or impossible to recognise.

BODILY ODOURS= Body smell (sweat, breath, etc).

GROOMED= With a nice appearance, clean and neat.

TIP= A quick short piece of advice.


FAITHFUL= If you are faithful to your lover, you never love another person or have any kind of sex with another person.

MESS AROUND (coll.)= To have some kind of sexual activity with another person, esp. if it is illicit.

DONE= Finished, or "mission accomplished".

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