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Can you watch this without crying?
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It's hard to not feel this, so make as he says in this video, go and tell your parents that you love them, this could happend to you. Listen carefully what this person says and you will start feeling a little cry bubble inside your body... or else, you're not feeling anything.

It was September 30th, 2008, when the doctor came in and he just said that my Mom had a cardiac arrest. They told me that I had to make a decision. They said we could do (a) we could try to revive her but we'll probably break every bone in her body and she is feeling all the pain or (b), you know, we'll just let life take its course and, you know, we'll let her pass in peace.

So frantically I had a minute to decide what I had to decide either life or, or this. And, you know, I was told not let the decision that I was going to make at that moment haunt me for the rest of my life. So I made the decision to let her go.

I remember I just laid at her side and I was just weeping like crazy. I told her everything I was grateful for; I told her thank you so much for how you raised me. And the sad thing about it is that was the only time I did it. I never did it before; I never told my Mom how much I loved her. I never told her; I never told her anything until that moment.

After that I remember I kissed her and I said goodbye. I went inside the waiting room. I heard all these noises again but no pitter patter of the feet. No nothing. You know, and I remember I looked up at him and I was like -is it over? And he said yeah, it's over.

To this day she is always in the back of my mind every time I do my school work. Everything I do because she just taught me how to love; how to be kind; how to be real; how to be genuine towards people; live every second as if it were your last; always help the poor. Live simply so other people can simply live.

A CARDIAC ARREST= When your heart suddenly stops beating.

REVIVE HER= Bring her back to life through some kind of reanimation manoeuvre.

YOU KNOW= This means nothing, but we use it very often when talking to get some extra seconds to think what to say next. You can see a few examples of this phrase in this monologue.

LET LIFE TAKE ITS COURSE= Don't interfere with things, let it all happen naturally (in this case, let her die).

PASS= (usually: pass away, pass on) A nice way to say "die".

FRANTICALLY= In a very agitated and stressed state.

HAUNT= If an idea haunts you, it is always (or very often) on your mind, you can't stop thinking about it.

LAID= The correct form here should be LAY (intransitive: lie-lay-lain, transitive: lay-laid-laid).

WEEPING= Crying, shedding tears of pain (or joy).

LIKE CRAZY= (coll. emphatic) Very very much.

GRATEFUL= If you are grateful for something, you feel thankful, you appreciate the benefits you got.

RAISED= To raise children is to bring them up, to care for them and educate them. (Some speakers use "bring up" for people and "raise" for animals, others use both for people).

WAITING ROOM= In a hospital, a room where people wait while a patient they come with is with the doctor or in the operating room.

PITTER-PATTER= A rattling noise, like little thumping, knocking or bumping noises happening fast.

I WAS LIKE...= (coll.) I said...

IS IT OVER?= To be over is to finish.

TO THIS DAY= Until today.

IN THE BACK OF MY MIND= If a thought is in the back of your mind, you think about it very often.

GENUINE= Authentic, sincere.

TOWARDS= (formal) To.

AS IF IT WERE= In the IF clause we use WERE for all persons in the verb TO BE (unreal past or subjunctive), although we can also use the normal simple past:
- If I were you I wouldn't go
- If he were older he could come with us
(also: If he was older...)

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