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Coronavirus: Doctor explains the proper way to wash your… (South China Morning…)
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Washing your hands (frequently if you are out) and wearing a mask (if you are lucky to have one) are two of the most important things to fight coronavirus. But these two tools are useless if you do it the wrong way. So here is how.

Okay, we have a few face masks here. Tell me how, you know, what's the most

effective way of using these face masks.

Let's start with this one. This one is actually what we just use as an allergy mask, eh? It prevents dust, it prevents particles, but it would not be what the centre of Health Protection recommends.


What we recommend is this three-ply mask right here, so this one and this one are both okay.

Now, the question is, for me, I mean, is the blue side facing out or the white side?

If you have the blue one, I can tell you that it's the blue one, but what if you don't?

Okay, so which way is that?

So, let's take the more difficult one. So, you will always feel a wire on one side and then you always, on the other side, feel just no wire, okay?

The wire side is designed to help shape to the bridge of your nose. So what we want to do is actually put this close to our face and then we're gonna form-fitted by pinching it right at the nasal bridge and then we're going to pull it just below the chin. So, for example, you can take this one


And I can take this one.


So again, before putting on the mask, we should do hand-hygiene. Wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Please, go ahead, and show me how to use it.

So one squirt.


And then you want to do palm to palm.

Oh, yeah.

The back of the hand.

Definitely lazy doing this one, yeah.

You need to do the finger webs.

Finger webs.

Do we have to sing happy birthday?

Oh, my nails aren't done.

And then you need to do the nails of your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th finger by doing this.


Okay, and what about the thumb? You gotta do the thumb because we just reached the second...

You know, I'm not doing this properly, I can tell you that now.

And then, the other thumb.


And then, last but not least, the wrist. And that should be approximately the amount of time that it takes for the alcohol or or whatever you're using to dry off. So after doing that, then you want to pick up your mask and then you want to put it just right over the nasal bridge with the wire on top.


You sometimes may not get the colour.


So if you have a white mask, then put the wire over the top.


Pinch it on your nose.


And then put it over your ears, and then pull down.

Pull down.

A well, well-worn mask (so press it right across your maxillary bone, yep) a well-worn mask. You shouldn't be able, if you're wear glasses, they shouldn't become foggy.


It should be completely sealed.

That's where I'm going wrong. Actually, I had to wear contacts for this interview.

Ha ha ha.

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