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Vampires Suck
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A trailer of the parody movie based on the box office hit saga "Twilight". If you haven't seen the original movie you should watch the trailer here: New Moon.


- I want you to meet my family
- We've heard so much about you
- Paper cut.

- Someone here ordered Chinese food?
From the guys who couldn't sit through another vampire movie. Take aim at Alice.
- Where did you go, silly rabbit?
- You don't get it. I'm a killer!

Explore the situation
- Who are they?
- Sneaky, Jay Wo, ++++...
- No, not the dirt fags from the dirty store.

And get ready to go gaga
- I finally found someone as freaky as me.
- Lady Gaga?
- Too freaky?
- Oh yeah

On August 18th the battle begins
It's raining men, hallelujah it's raining men

The bigger the hit, the harder it sucks.
- Jacob, why did you just take off your shirt?
- My contract says I have to every 10 minutes of screen time.

- You know who we are, don't you?
- You're The Black Eyed Peas.
- Why does everyone always think of The Black Eyed Peas?

- Jacob, run!... A Chihuahua!?

Vampires Suck

- Edward, Edward, where?... Edward, we love you, you're the best!
- No, Jacob's the best!

PAPER CUT= A short way of saying: "I've cut my finger with a paper".

COULDN'T SIT THROUGH...= If you can't sit through a movie, you can't watch it completely because you don't like it.

TAKE AIM= If you take aim at something, you look carefully at it so that you can shoot it without missing. Metaphorically, we can use this expression to say that you must look at something carefully (both meanings merge here).

ALICE= From the story/movie "Alice in Wonderland" (this Alice looks like the one in Tim Burton's movie: Alice in Wonderland). She was chasing a rabbit when she fell inside a rabbit hole and went into a new world. That transition here is much more traumatic, but basically the same.

YOU DON'T GET IT= (coll.) You don't understand.

FAGS= (a rude word, an insult) Homosexuals.

TO GO GAGA= If you go gaga about something, you like it very very much. But then, of course, we have Lady Gaga (if you are gaga, you are silly, crazy or senile).

FREAKY= A freaky person (or a freak) is someone who is very strange and different from the usual people. Unconventional; bizarre.

THE BIGGER THE HIT, THE HARDER IT SUCKS= The literal meaning is: if you hit it strongly, it will suck much more. It doesn't mean anything really, but a person is hitting another man, and another person is sucking blood, so it makes sense. Nevertheless, this pun means something different from what the images suggest. HIT is a song or film that was a great success (like the Twilight movies) and in colloquial English, if something SUCKS, it is horrible. So this sentence really means: Very successful movies like Twilight are horrible.

SCREEN TIME= The minutes a film lasts.

THE BLACK EYED PEAS= A type of beans that grows mostly in Caceres (Spain) and California (see picture). But here it is the name of a famous music band (see a video of them here: Shut Up).

VAMPIRES SUCK= The title of the movie is a pun because vampires suck blood, but in colloquial English when something sucks it means that it's pathetic, we don't like it.

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