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The Thanksgiving song
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This funny, yet moving song is a sweet reminder of what we celebrate this Thanksgiving season.

It's Thanksgiving at our house and I'm singing a tune
I'm cooking in the kitchen
It's what I always have to do
I'm raising three crazy kids
And feeling twice my age
I'm reading a paper
It's how I disengage

A brand new to this family
I'm not all that well-known
I really wish everyone would put down their phones.

Hey guys, could you put down your phones and say hi to Erick, please?
Hi, hey
Hey guys, haven't seen you since the wedding and I'm really grateful to be a part of this family

I really like football, but not so much people
We're stressed about this day because we are disfunctional
The food is finally ready
It's exactly 12 o'clock
And there's nothing more to do
So I guess we have to talk

- So where is the gravy?
- You know what? There's no gravy this year.
- Why not?

On this Thanksgiving we thank God for family
On this Thanksgiving we thank God for family

I think she's right. Why do we fight?
It's not just you, it's myself too
We're family and that's enough
It's crazy how we start this ++++
we have a farce, +++++
I feel at home 'cause my family's got them too
So on this day we thank our King for family and a happy Thanksgiving!


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