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Finding Atlantis (National Geographic)
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Atlantis may be a myth or may be the echo of one of the most advanced civilizations in the ancient world. Its legend still lives on and it is one of the most sought after archeological sites ever. This documentary offers new and fascinating clues about where this old city may be hidden. New evidence is turning attention to a new area. Could Atlantis be in Spain? Some new findings clearly say yes!

A city of dreams, incredible architecture, a massive Navy. Atlantis is thought to be one of the most advanced societies of the ancient
world. Then, without warning, it literally vanishes overnight. An extraordinary civilization lost forever.

But its memory is not soon forgotten. Legendary status has made Atlantis
the Holy Grail of modern archaeology.

"Escuchame, el corte que tiene la estructura es humano"

(Spanish: listen, the shape of the structure is human-made)

The city may not necessarily be under (on) the bottom of the sea but rather under (on) the bottom of these flatlands

Atlantis should be somewhere around here, but where? And if it is here, how come we can't see it?

This team of obsessed scientists believe they finally hit the jackpot.


the extraordinary tale about lantus
reaches back to the very dawn of Western
this city of atlantis
seen by many has mother of
Egypt nest attain and Israel in Europe
and all the other civilizations began in
this area
and he began here world we may be
looking at
single most important site for humanity
the discovery of atlantis would
completely rewrite
the early chapters of history myth
would become reality
so finding this mysterious sunken city
has become the stuff
generation after generation has set out
in search for
that every quest as ended in failure
now with the help of modern technology
one team
may finally beat the odds for expect
there in point everything from satellite
to ground penetrating radar to
underwater archaeology
it in a passionate bid to find the
sunken said
but does atlantis he didn't exist went
the legendary city maybe just that
a legend over millennia
the story of the ancient city has taken
on a life of its own
transform into countless fantasy land
to separate fact from fiction any search
for Atlantis
must begin with the original source
material and Angela harkes
knows just where to look
all we know about atlantis comes from a
few pages that the books that I am
holding in my hands
written by the Greek philosopher Plato
he is the gold standard
that is no other ancient the source
full the missive atlantis this is it
the record speak a fast power they
sprang forth from beyond from the
Atlantic Ocean
for at that time this ocean was possible
since it had an island in it in front of
the street
that you people say you cool the palace
at Herrick lease
Plato's descriptions of atlantis
are incredibly intricate his writings
provide NE Atlanta seeker
a detailed roadmap
according to Plato atlantis was an
island kingdom
with land rings and circular harbors
situated just beyond
the Pillars of Hercules
many believe that the Pillars of
Hercules described the peaks that flank
the entrance
to the Strait of Gibraltar the northern
pillar being the rock
Gibraltar and the southern pillar a
corresponding peak
in North Africa go this leads doctor
Richard freund to begin his search for
southern Spain
the bills at Hercules was known by every
single ancient
writer as being located what we call
the Straits of Gibraltar this baby is
located just beyond
ok those ancient colors and Hercules
froing focuses
on the Guadalquivir River Delta in Dona
Ana National Park
he believes a massive engine bay once
existed here
in antiquity
here we are largest March in southern
100 square miles ok it is
massive we're talking about 40 15 miles
just marshalled and
archaeologist think that buried in this
is the lost city of atlantis the new
in 1922 archaeologists George bouncer
an aid official propose that Atlantis is
under these mud flats the new but for
decades most scholars ignore the theory
then in 2004 a young German physicist
rain or chrome makes headlines using
satellite photography
to resurrect the boxer shorts theory I
am here wasn't so much fluid saucer
tonight a national park
it is exactly he ok well I think that
plot atlantis was located
could observe streams circular patterns
in a satellite photograph
the Dona Ana mud flats
comparing the photograph to the detailed
descriptions and played
cool becomes convince that the lost city
is here
in southern Spain in his writings
plato describes a port city with three
rings of concentric harbors
and gives exact dimensions for each
cool believes that the circular patterns
he sees simply does measurements
and there's more in his writings
plato describes two temples in the
center island of Atlantis
one dedicated to the got the side
within the circular patterns on the
tonya on a much flats
crew finds a rectangular anomaly when
you calculate its dimensions
it comes up a perfect match to Plato's
Poseidon's temp
today koon's theory has led to a
full-scale expedition
team will determine whether the
anomalies detected from space
actually correspond to man-made
structures under the mine
it includes anthropologist one Bres
whose research is closely followed by
Richard freund
and Paul barman expert and subsoil sonar
those shapes certainly tonight correlate
with any possible
geological feature my mind is no
question they're manmade features
one of the big circles is connected
with a several a rectangular structures
we think that those rectangular
have a wall below the shape in the soil
and we are trying to find if we have
a building if they're is a building
or any other artifact deep beneath this
it could be the find of a lifetime
if they can excavate come up with just a
really good artifacts they can be dated
to four thousand years ago then we have
evidence for the great miss civilization
love beginnings atlantis even on this
there are skeptics who say the long-lost
Kingdom atlantis
is just a myth but they need only look
at 1000 miles east
to place the Turkish call troy aikman
for proof
that miss can become reality
here lies Troy one of the most storied
of the ancient world so
this is the main street of the Late
Bronze Age sitter they'll love Troyer
updated around the 13th century
PC for years people thought that the
city of Troy was a fantasy
a made-up place described in Homer's
epic poem
the ileum in the three thousand-year-old
Troy is the setting for the Trojan War
and the legendary Trojan horse
where the warrior Achilles fights for
the beautiful daughter its use
Helen of Troy like atlantis
Troy was thought to be just a mess those
who searched for it
were ridiculed there were many voices
that would say that this story is pure
that toy does not exist 0 then
in 1870 amateur archaeologist Heinrich
proves that Troy is a real place after
he's able to unearth the fabled city by
simply reading one of the oldest myths
in Western literature
is it was fact he use the Hilliard
as a a tour guide he accepted it as a
direct description colour describes the
city with steep rising walls
and broad streets
actually been found the loons here
reveal a city filled with impressive
architecture Sri man also needed to
locate a city beside two rivers
Troy is described as City
located at the con flow of
to reverse has come under us and see
Morris which I hear
most importantly he needed to find
evidence but the Trojan War
and indeed the archaeology here points
to a bloody battle
this building was roofed with her wooden
and we know that its ended in a fire
because the beings were charged and if
there was a Trojan what this is the best
evidence that we have
for those searching for Atlantis Troy is
a inspiration
proving that myth in fact are sometimes
one and the same
when she man came here he was successful
he excavated
an archaeological sites that everybody
agrees nowadays
is the site of Troyer he wanted to solve
an archaeological problem entity
now the team in Spain is taking an even
bigger gap and no one
knows if they'll be as lucky
this rich and strange Marshall and on
the Spanish coast
is part of a protected park called done
in ancient times this area of southern
Spain was under water
and the Dona Ana park was essentially a
large bay
in the bay who created over a long
period of time
massive sandbars that allowed
people to use the sandbars to create
cities doctor Richard freund believes
that the famous reserve atlantis
may have existed in this page thousands
of years ago
freind any team archaeologists
geologists anthropologists pore over
satellite photos at the area
we got four different thats they find
what may be circular shadows other
ancient city
of final week narrowed it down
to a very specific location around this
mysterious circle
in the midst of the as swamp
but in order to pick the best areas to
the team needs better images
and the simple form a contraption
might just fit the bill by attaching
small cameras to a balloon & kite
the team can get high resolution images
the photographs taken from space
there there goes that's working the
aerial photographs we doing today
can give us the clearest images
that they've ever had today will get the
best photographs in this entire
area with this balloon and see whether
those rings
really exist ok going to lift a balloon
to at least 200 meters and that'll
probably work at
different increments elevation 100 150
and so forth any patterns
or anomalies in the soil that appear in
these new photographs
could indicate buried man-made
structures but if there was once a
mighty city here
what happened to it just
according to Plato's final chapter the
great city of atlantis
faced cataclysmic disaster
violent earthquakes are followed by
great flooding and after just one day in
one night the entire
I'll into the class just sinks below the
sea well
in order to prove their theory the
Spanish team must fight evidence
such a disaster and doctor Juan Antonio
finds geological evidence have a long
history of massive tsunamis
getting this coastlines with us a lesson
at the phone at the mall
in the blasphemy and do it then when I
think the probe after that what about
the former
the nixon ass yourself and then at the
Med for them do
it too so he had a is but I mean don't
knock out so they also tsunami
see no ago said its nominees to the sea
if the Rings atlantis existed in this
ancient Bay and were ravaged by
successive tsunami's
the city would have been torn apart or
pulled into the sea as a result evidence
of the lost civilization
might not just be under the Dona Ana
much for those big it could be
of the modern Coast so that's exactly
where the team takes their search
marine archaeologist cloudy low final
and more Alice are equipped with the
latest in sonar technology
the torpedo shaped toe fish generates
sound waves that bounce off the sea
when the signals return the received by
a computer on Dec
that converts the sound waves into
any formation that appears in the sonar
imaging system
is Matt and its coordinates record we
have seen
money which is subject to go wall this
is very different to a
geology confirmation thank you
its it this summer to construct right
now we found
an anomaly that is know Joe they got all
is very being is very high two walls
one tool completely fair to go very nice
and the shape is not not to rub
subtraction cloudy oh and Juan Antonio
locate what looks to be a large
39 feet below the surface
they'll have to return and dark side
but some think the Spanish team is
looking in the wrong waters
the search for Atlantis this plague many
great minds over thousands of years
scholars have scoured the globe
searching for its rulings
up for some of these explores
Plato's description of the city
sophisticated architecture in society
clearly points to just one location the
islands Greece
and underneath the clay soil on this
hilltop in Crete
lies evidence oven ancient civilization
way ahead of its time
of archaeologists call it
me know
my nose where real moss to build from
walking off four thousand-year-old
which was probably the main access to
this mine own settlement
beautifully pace with very large slaps
specially cut for this building
all over the island to find elaborate
architecture with major ceremonial halls
with frescoes
which shrines and they're really have
very sophisticated life
%uh Plato says atlantis boasts gorgeous
temples and shrines with a highly
ornamented powers
situated on the central island %uh the
known architecture on Crete
seems to reflect the same blueprint
we're in the palace
cLOSEOUTS the major sites %uh Minoan
with this massive facial structure
at its core them could this be the great
central Palace
that plato describes C
this is a mega structure covering about
10,000 square meters
now this kinda architecture required
incredible planning to get the stones
from the quarry
me hard to transport them here to have
the skill
mason's work them to create miss kinda
straight line and the different kinds of
shapes would have been very very minimal
walking amongst the breathtaking
remnants of their ancient world
its easy to imagine the man no one's
calling their CD by another name
I'm to match the descriptions that
the man known city also has to have an
acropolis with dwellings and wholesome
and it's all here conoces I'm
according to Plato the pool is a central
part of the Atlantic and culture
in Atlantis Sacred Pools roam free
around the temples
there were shipped by priests and
sacrificed in honor of the side
here conoces its obvious bulls were once
a powerful symbol
above the northern entrance passage at
close of
min behind me is this imposing ball
frescoes now it really seems as if the
was very significant positive Colossians
political propaganda says up believing
found in fresco fragments over in the is
part of the palace is welcome
the cultural importance of the ball the
stunning architecture
the depictions of the utopian lifestyle
together paint a familiar picture
it seems possible that the people we
call the knowns
are really the long-lost people atlantis
but atlantis famously came to an end
Plato says the city was destroyed in a
single day and night
evidence suggests the known people may
have suffered
a similar fate it's from this kind of
archaeological evidence that we can
did you some kind as a the crisis
situation a lot of things went bad
gone the southern coast of Spain
researchers have discovered buried
structures they believe may be the lost
city of Atlantis
is not Zillow's you got all but there
are those who think the Spanish team
is way of course that Atlantis was
actually located
in the Greek islands the archaeology
here is convincing
there is evidence that the man known
people have Crete
suffered a terrible disaster and ancient
that may have wiped out this advanced
just as plato describes
clues to this catastrophe can be found
85 miles north of Crete
on the Greek island I've sent to riney
also known
s there
the disaster that occurred here nearly
defies descriptions
volcanic island and the volcano
very very spectacularly
about thirty-six hundred years ago and
we have here evidence
with this very impressive architecture
not even excavated is just being exposed
as it's eroded by the sea
and you can see here evidence of the
third option with Ashleigh is
and pottery showing that this building
was destroyed at exactly this time
the ash cloud from Sarah blocks out the
Sun for days
for the people of Crete the affects
are devastating get this huge ash clouds
arriving on these on the street and they
sort of like think factions fulfil kinda
cash that must of course
tremendous problems in their over
culture in there shipping in there
call there's a lot of people from the
lost their houses you have all Catholic
a lot of things when that the
earthquakes and massive volcanic
activity on century need likely produce
gigantic waves that crashed onto the
north coast
these weights with carry with them
volcanic pumice a very porous and
solidified lava rock
evidence upon this on Crete could be
proof that an each in tsunami-hit here
this'll spots along the north coast of
the island
we found like on his deposition that
this probably related to decide to
and has been recent activity from
archaeologist suggesting that those
deposits could really only have been
by something like a tsunami me know in
architecture and
temples aren't culture
its all wiped out by one of the most
powerful eruptions in human history
the case
linking them in Owens to Atlantis is
strong but the legend of Atlantis hinges
on its sinking
and overnight disappearance and for the
the eruption stay right is not the end
managed to survive they have continuity
in the man known civilization after that
interruption we can see
archaeological layers showing the
at the time if the eruption and then
and reoccupy patient straightaway off to
it seems that despite compelling
this is not the place that plato
the man known civilization did not sink
into the sea
it persevered ultimately
this triumphant story of survival is the
greatest evidence
against the theory
but back on a much less if Spain the
jury's still out
doctor friend and his team believe
they're on the verge
uncovering the city that fits all the
laid out by Clayton m first and hear the
the Dona Ana National Park the source
tremendous speculation the perhaps
this was the place where atlantis
was located in this was the place the
mind shore
into which in disappeared in Dona Ana
13 reviews the new aerial photographs
taken from their kite
and balloon cameras and then I oh this
is a test and I'm
here teacher I hear up the hierarchy you
may see me
the sick than where we were at the home
any circular or rectangular patterns
could provide strong evidence have a
footprint up the lost city
despite the procedure was not being with
you know at least so this is
knew that bald spot or because we beat
goes in this area has been cleared by
the grass cutters were faxed even after
the feature was still visible from the
Chi for its it's clearly not just
feats that's visible on vegetation
visible in the earth
sexy these traces may be the last
that lattice this is I think that the
most important feature
any aerial photography it's been done
it's the one that most resembles
anything like atlantis hasn't area looks
a port leading into are like circle
the concentric circles would have been
freund is convinced that the photographs
reveal a pattern that matches Plato's
a series of circular harbors with the
central canal connecting them to the
the team also identifies other
supporting features
circular features linear features
parallel seats is all in the order
love over human scale suffices things
that look like pathways over ways that I
a major twenty years across features a
look like buildings that
48 meters across the team now uses
Ertz electrical dresses to be tomography
to record images of what lies underneath
the circular patterns
what we're doing here is we're reading a
bunch occurred to the ground
and we're measuring what what comes back
from that and would be able to get a
picture of what in the subsurface up to
about 12 leaders
below the ground surface the crew
frantically searches for any remnants
the lost city of Atlantis may finally be
in their grass on the field
very very grover but another ancient
also looms large to the victims were
here that the company the biblical story
of the Lost City
after sheesh tar sheesh
is a city mention many times in the
Bible many scholars believe that it's
simply another name for the ancient and
famous city
after Tesla's most scholars agree the to
was located in southern Spain and the
Tar sheesh
is located in southern Spain dart SS
was torsion each in the written sources
tart eso centaur sheesh are famous for
their medals
trade ships would travel for years from
as far away as the Middle East
to fill their holes of
but art so's entire sheesh abruptly
disappear from historical and Biblical
it's as if the city suddenly cease to
on froing believes that's because in
ancient days talked so's anti sheesh
went by another name atlantis
we have to win markedly similar stories
being told in antiquity the story of tar
in the Bible and the story that lantus
in Plato and Roman sources
in the story of Plato atlantis
is a port city located on an island
at the far end on the known world we're
deep water chips with cum
taking three years to arrive at the end
to their journey
in the Bible to sheesh was that city
it may have been built on an island a
deep water port
at the end to the known world for the
and it was a place to talk three years
according to the book chronicles
for them to arrive at the end their
journey the meter test those
is ther sheesh is atlantis it's an
interesting theory
and each city is documented as a famous
that mysteriously disappears from the
written record the new and the
similarities don't end there
each of the three cities is said to have
great mineral wealth
the new with access to massive amounts
of gold
silver or copper my place so it
certainly does
talk about mines I
which the apt hands have access to you
wanna fix mines being for this probably
fantastical metal called arch up by some
archaeologists think they may know what
im might be. or
what it might be like all we know is
that it close like five
scholars translate
or chalk as mountain copper today
just up the river from the Dona Ana
mudflats the hills shadowing the Rio
are mined for gold silver copper
and there's evidence to suggest there's
been mining here for over 5,000 years
the mudflats proximity to these deposits
a valuable work
make any ancient city located here a
strong candidate for Atlantis
it's just one more clue that points to
the coast of southern Spain
as the best location for the lost city
but the only way to know for sure
is to get a closer look day anomalies
we have seen and the this structure
South completely
is square this is spurious because
this for are forming a line two meters
hi for me said the most interesting song
the server
my best option is to go there today
using side-scan sonar the team isolates
5 areas of the southern coast of Spain
that made fold remnants
up the lost city atlantans the sonar
show what looks like man-made structures
on the sea floor
right now we are sailing one of the
point that one
check we call it the girl is really big
is about
forty meters long to make because
indicate that bad we are looking for
is if is human-made or not
it's the beginning of storm season
high winds and foul weather pick up at
the end of September
and continue through the winter the
divers have only a small window of
opportunity to investigate the site
before the weather turns ugly weather
with meals
saw win over yesterday blow doubt what
their that came from the realtor
good habitat Celia I we expected
nearly 39 feet below the surface the
divers discover some unusual formations
stones it seem to have been cut the
meaning by the man if it lands
the stones may have once been part of
the great city walls
the notice crimes
than me gotshall to perfect
media and castle just things look beyond
which I am and Botha not known if you do
have a bug in the gaza
I'm but I love you not being asked to
open a beer ever before I it's about
them but a
Boulevard a bigger than the good one
from as
each diver services more details at the
unique discovery
are revealed you know whether you think
you know what I would have to be about
perfect other hot again what did it feel
like to be my pick up for you
some places like our like a wall of fact
that I don't
greatest hits from master that very
history of some
you get them Calif
the dive is a success with the team's
geologist Juan Antonio
doesn't wanna jump to any he still
conclusions first
he needs to review the hours that
underwater footage
any discoveries from the diving
expedition could be linked to potential
fines in Dona Ana
so the team continues their search
archaeologists conduct careful survey at
the surface
hunting for any cultural remains morning
looking for Atlantis
we're not just looking for the buildings
that collapsed
looking for is the culture of atlantis
we may not find
cool the counter to the city you could
find a war find two walks
students are rectangles still doesn't
connect directly with
the ancient Near East and all the great
civilization from the Jan
to the mediterranean every once in a
while archaeology
you can't I'm smoking gun something that
connects all the dots for you
I'll while searching within the large
circular patterns in the soil
friend and his colleague suddenly
discovered to
incredible artifacts name diplomatic
a look at that look at oh my gosh people
wait a whole career
to find one of these little figurines
and define
to just magnificent it's a
ancient statuette probably at least two
thousand years old
she is one of the most spectacular kinds
of goddesses
she is starting star if they are I start
or ishtar it would make them Bronze Age
dating as far back as four thousand
years of
unions the beautiful figures may
represent a direct connection
between this area and the great
civilizations of the ancient world
from the ancient Near East through the
to the mediterranean if knows too small
10 connected because if we find the
fits into that context and the fam plann
meanwhile now back on land cloudy 0
Juan Antonio and the team of divers
carefully review their footage
analyzing what seems to be the ruins a
man-made structure
giuliani possibly PC give I say
attention and i'm looking
man I think it's often about i'm looking
in nature but Adam by some old
manual into via email leanings general
motors dual
met at the asylum took the test give
myself on the for something and he is
still available to do you have a pic
your own number of them along that I've
been told Mike with term
granny about but I think it works and
Matt never miss another a casino
Molly think our I think along where I
charter way Gary approach at a
computers and wonderful to both removal
each stone raises new questions home
although they appear to have been formed
geologically it's possible they were
later used as building materials
longer them in tandem one that only
somewhat Jeff innuendoes
million bottom Union a memo skin muchas
there this time broker he never got the
little people father and we're at it and
see the real teeth our helpful tool sale
problem if the stones were transported
used as building blocks the most likely
locations for construction site
is under the Dona Ana mud flats
for three days now the team has been
advanced imaging across the geometric
patterns first soon
the aerial photographs
let's get one of the year just look let
him look at this this is the big circle
any structures below the soil will show
up as distinct breaks
in the so-called density and
conductivity craft
if there are evenly spaced breaks that
match the circular patterns on the
it will be strong evidence that their
apparent structures under the mud
that could be the city atlantis okay so
here's the I'm
results of the electrical imaging across
the acolyte circle that's particularly
reminiscent irv
Plato's description of over Atlantis the
section 216 need is one
and 12 meters deep he had breaks here
and breaks again ahead 66 60 meters
the results look positive the images
show breaks consistent with the circular
pattern seen from above
in my view of the parking lot for 62 you
muchas the pictures much just that she
of the border shoulder all the features
you can explain the circles because they
really are there there is some time
representation in the soil
lovely if the city was suddenly buried
all the organic material associated with
that civilization
with also be tracked over the centuries
this material would decompose and
produce gas
while retrieving core samples 15 taps
it just that he's for you but isn't this
the most exciting feature
we have a mysterious messing later that
could indicate
flora and fauna human activity sealed
in 1 singles player and a catastrophic
freund is feeling optimistic early lab
results from the fines at the Dona Ana
mud flats
REM and so far they look positive
carbon-14 dating
has told us that artifacts found inside
the marsh
go from the period of 5000 BCE all the
way down to approximately 2,000 BC
we have a scoring tells us there was a
deep water port
that continue into the center of this
electrical resistivity tomography
that there were actuals signatures have
the was located below the surface and we
have a mysterious
methane later it was sealed about six to
nine meters below the surface
it goes down deep what is it must be
there that means
methane is created by the decomposition
of organic matter
if the entire atlantis civilization was
suddenly berry
it to create a huge deposit have trapped
like the one found by the research team
although other explanations for the gas
are possible
its unique location coupled with the
history of tsunami's on this coast
together make a strong case that a
tsunami crashed onto this site
and buried a city the surrounding flora
fauna and people would have called I
the researchers par anxious to excavate
but there's groundwater right below the
and that poses serious problems going be
but on seven meters
is technically very complex gravity
dispensing cap
it could be years before anything is on
of but further inland
other Spanish archaeologists have
recently made a discovery
that could lend further evidence to the
Dona Ana theory
and point the way to Atlantis this
his country or 10 one of the greatest
archaeological discoveries on the 20th
and 1970s 1980s archaeologists
discovered a series of different
the preserve to test and culture this
star testing culture
was sold different all the other culture
it was the culture on the self froing
tart s and culture was really Atlantean
but these twenty five hundred year old
are a 125 miles from the coast a long
way from home
why did they come here some cataclysmic
on the coast push them out of their
homes in the ninth century
froing believes this place is not the
remains of a once bustling village
rather it's a memorial to the Lost
of atlantis meaning
he calls it the ritual City and says
this site is
actually a miniature replica covered
built homage
concho a 10 is just one of several
ritual cities found in this area
the people who built the sites were
commemorating something
but was it the legendary seaside Kingdom
hundreds of miles away detectives say
follow the money
archaeologist saying follow the stone
this room is paved with slate
this sleek room
may have been the residence on the high
priest for the entire
memorial City ok and slate is not
indigenous to this area
but 250 kilometers to the south
on the coast it's very famous people
would have brought
slate all the way up to this contour on
froing believes this late in the temple
connects this inland site
with the coastal city of atlantis am
on its own it's not enough to establish
a solid Lincoln
but there's something else he was an
altar the secret symbol
that helps make its case another clue
is the Holy of Holies located at the
other the entire city just like
Poseidon's temple thats mentions in the
writings and played on
this was the place when the most sacred
rituals will take place
sacrificing animals ritual objects were
found here
gold and silver bronze
according to Plato the story of atlantis
came down to him from the Greek
solo who heard it from the priests have
aged Egypt
ok it seems the Egyptians had direct
contact with the Atlanteans
and in the most holy space concho on
I'll there's a thirty five
egyption symbol
in this place Center was found
simple a symbol that goes back to the
fair on
glossing in the 16th century BCE
it's a symbol upholding metallurgy
I'll this symbol links the site
to the metal worker so revered by the
ancient pharaohs
in the historical record
there are three cities famous throughout
the world for their mastery of metals
tar sheesh tart so's and Atlantis
this simple could connect this place to
all of them
and maybe the ultimate proof that the
three cities
11 say regional
but there's one more piece of evidence
concho Alano to Atlantis the most
artifact for and ancient carving that
seems to preserve the very
emblem atlantis
to stone indicate of what they were
Food Network what is it it's simple
of concentric circles one inside the
sound right
at threshold
at the entrance akansha were 10 and in
many other ritual cities
are large stone style a
should come up to the city you would see
standing stone in front well they
warrior with his sword drawing
and he we have the concentric circles
the city that he's guarding this
signpost points to
a city with one entrance in coming
coming out and in the center the same
thing that Plato's describing atlantis
central shrine site it's their memory
a past and the symbol so we find on this
is the way they remember atlantis
if this structure was built by refugees
from atlantis
than this is the shared memory up there
something home
scale model of the Lost City still
buried perhaps
the Neath the mod southern Spain
in a deserted Pacha marshland may lie
the secret that explores have been
seeking for more than two thousand years
advanced imaging technology has detected
circular patterns
like those described by playing
the same design that's repeated on a
twenty five hundred-year-old memorial
and new science seems to have revealed
it guarded Island City
a circular canals with a central shrine
in a waterway
that leads to its fine maybe this is
where our civilization was born home to
an ancient
in advanced people culture
extraordinary achievement
perhaps submerged beneath this ground is
the place we call

A CITY OF DREAMS= A fabulous city, so wonderful that you can only find something similar in your dreams.

MASSIVE= Huge, enormous, very very big.

NAVY= An army of ships to make war in the sea. The division of the armed forces designed to make war in the sea.

IS THOUGHT TO BE= People consider..., the general opinion is...
- He is thought to be very nice = People (or most people) think he is very nice.

ANCIENT= Very very old, from centuries or millennia ago.

WITHOUT WARNING= Suddenly, unexpectedly.

VANISHES= Disappears.

OVERNIGHT= In a very short period of time.

HOLY GRAIL= In many Medieval legends (for example King Arthur's Round Table), brave knights went on a quest looking for the Holy Grail, which was the Cup that Jesus used in his Last Supper to drink the eucharistic wine. Since then, the Holy Grail means something very very important which everybody wants to find.

BUT RATHER= But instead (we use it to make corrections)


HIT THE JACKPOT= (coll.) Succeeded. To hit the jackpot is to win the biggest price in the lottery or some similar game.



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