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Good Will Hunting - Park Scene
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  "Good Will Hunting" tells the story of one of those great minds that go beyond intelligence. The player in question (Matt Damon) is a kid who was born in a slum in Boston but has the distinction of being a genius. To move a step to a better environment, works as a janitor at the University of Massachusetts where, by chance, a prestigious professor of mathematics discover its potential.
But the guy has problems. An aggressive personality, a strong character assaulted make it incompatible with learning. Apart from having to learn to live in a tough neighborhood a part of his past has traumatized, so the professor who discovered him looking for a psychologist. Here, Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), who after losing his wife live in an eternal bitterness still show that knows what it means to live fully. Throughout the sessions will both be helping each other while the boy explores his talent, love and friendship.


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