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Happy Guy Fawkes Day/Night, Bonfire Night
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This English boy is showing us some celebration of fireworks in his neighbours garden on the night of Guy Fawkes festival.

Hello and welcome to GreeMan video. I'm Matt. Now, the camera might not seem very steady and... Well, it's not steady because I'm holding it, just by the way. But anyway, it's- today, it's Hall-o. No, it's not Halloween, is it? I was- that was the other week. Today is Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Day/Night, whatever you wanna call it, so happy Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Day-Night.

This is the night when there's mainly bonfires and fireworks going on, so I hope you're having a safe day/night and... there's been quite a lot of fireworks tonight. I have recorded some earlier on, which were being set off across the road which were kind of good. So I'll be playing those towards the end of the video.

Uhm... didn't seem to me- doesn't seem to me as many fireworks now... so... very misty evening... uh... mmm, what do I say now?... hoo. right, anyway, so I'm gonna go on to those fireworks now which I recorded earlier and... so it's finished off this video now. What am I gonna say? I'm gonna say, I hope you have enjoyed your Bonfire Night, your Guy Fawkes Day and I'm gonna leave you now with some fireworks I recorded earlier on across the road, so... ++++ this video. See ya!

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