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The story of Guy Fawkes
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A five minute film telling the story of Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate the 5th of November.

And this is how Rita Cocker remembers this day's celebration in her childhood:

I remember the days we had fun on Guy Fawkes night. Going out with our Guy Fawkes made out of an old pair of tousers and jumper stuffed with newspaper and mask on, putting him in an old pusher and going around asking for "penny for our guy mister" and the money we collected we bought fireworks. One year we didn't have our Guy Fawkes made and I remember putting my little brother who was about 2 at the time in the pusher and telling him "don't move you are our Guy Fawkes" and putting a mask on him, he didn't sit still, but we still got some money. We lived in Dearman Road, Sparkbrook, and pushed our Guy Fawkes around to Montgomery street and there was a factory in that street and we stood outside and waited for the workers to come out. We made sure we had sorry looking little faces on us.

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