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How to introduce yourself to a girl (expertvillage)
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Introductions and first impressions are everything. Here's some advice to introduce yourself to a girl in a bar.

Hi! I'm Alex MacRae, a social dynamics instructor. On behalf of, I am here today to talk about picking up women in bars and clubs.

Let's talk about initiating the chat; making inter...introductions and greetings. There are basically two broad ways that you can introduce yourself; high energy or low energy.

A high energy example that I remember was: I was in a bar recently that had a, a stuffed rhinoceros head on the wall. And I thought of this old joke that my dad used to tell me.

- Hey, did you see that rhinoceros head on the bar. How fast do you think that must've been going to crash through there and get stuck.
- I don't know. I would say pretty fast.
- Must've been. By the way, I'm Alex.
- Hi, I'm Michelle.
- Hi, Michelle.

By coming in high energy you demonstrate comedy, the fact that you are clever, and that you are confident which are very attractive qualities.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could introduce yourself in a way that's very calm, polite, sincere and low risk.

- Hi! I just saw you from across the way and I had to come over and introduce myself. I'm Alex.
- Hi, I'm Michelle.
- Hi, Michelle, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

By introducing yourself in a low energy way, it's very low risk and at the same time you convey that you're warm, calm and a down-to-earth guy. So in the end, keep in mind the fact that one of these two may be better for you. So find out what works best and use that to your advantage. Thanks for watching.

ON BEHALF OF= If you do something "on behalf of" someone or something, you do it in representation of them:
- The Queen was abroad so the Prime Minister received the French President on her behalf.
Careful: The expression "IN behalf of" means "for their benefit":
- Mother Teresa made a great effort in behalf of the poor in India.

PICKING UP= (colloquial) To pick up a woman/man is to get to know them because you want to have a sentimental or sexual relationship with them, often casually.

CLUBS= Nightclubs. A nightclub is a place of entertainment open until late at night, usually offering drink and dancing and sometimes a show too.

INITIATING= (formal) Starting.

CHAT= Casual conversation.

TWO BROAD WAYS= Two different ways, but each way contains many variations.

STUFFED= A stuffed animal is a dead animal that has been emptied, dried and filled (stuffed) with sawdust so it still looks alive and can be used for decoration.

USED TO= We use this verb to express that something was habitual in the past, but not now anymore. So he probably means that his father told him that joke when he was a child, but not now, or maybe his father is dead.

MUST'VE= Must have. Pronounced /mʌstəv/

GET STUCK= If something gets stuck it is trapped and can't move anymore.

I WOULD SAY...= I daresay..., I suppose...

PRETTY FAST= quite fast. In colloquial English we can say PRETTY instead of QUITE.

BY THE WAY= We use this expression to change the subject of a conversation.

BY COMING IN HIGH ENERGY...= (formal English) We can use BY + -ING to explain how something is done:
- When you leave, close the door by pressing this button here.

DEMONSTRATE= (formal) Show.

FROM ACROSS THE WAY= From the other side.

COME OVER= Approach you, come here.

CONVEY= Communicate an idea.

DOWN-TO-EARTH= Realistic and/or sensible. Unpretentious, natural.

GUY= (coll.) man.

KEEP IN MIND= Don't forget.

ADVANTAGE= Some AmE speakers drop the T when it goes after N, so he pronounces this word /ədvænɪdʒ/



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