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Imagine if the vocabulary we use for computers had the same meaning it has in the outside world!

This is a hilarious video that will make you laugh... and also help you stop thinking that your problems with computers are of any importance at all. Great for learning a lot of computer vocabulary.

Yea, don't you hate it when windows crash?

- Damm it! I can't open any of the folders on my desktop.
- Hey, you think that's bad? All of my documents are frozen. Yeah.
- What was that?
- Windows just crashed.
- I'll see if anybody else is having problems? Hey Joe, how you guys doing?
- Everything is running really slow.
- Hey Stephanie, you're having any problems?
- I'm locked out!
- Bill, can you guys get on the network?
- No, we keep getting dropped.
- That's it. I'm calling I.T. Hey, we're having-
- I know, I know, I'm working on it.
- What's going on?
- I think it's a problem with the firewall.
- Sounds like this might be a while.
- That's it. I'm gonna try restarting.
- No, No!
- Greg?
- What?
- My mouse is broken.

- I get it.
- Ah, cr*p!

DAMN IT= An exclamation of surprise (usually a bad surprise)

FOLDER= A cardboard cover to hold documents inside (see picture).
[computers] An item that groups several files (electronic documents) inside. –see picture

DESKTOP= The top of your desk (yea, that easy).
[computers] The main screen you see when you turn your computer on with access to the most important parts of your computer. –see picture

DOCUMENTS= sheets of paper containing text. –see picture
[computers] text files. –see picture

FROZEN= When something is frozen, it is so cold that it got solid or covered with ice.
[computers] if your computer is frozen, it is blocked and not responding to your keyboard or mouse (or even fists). If a document is frozen, you can't open it, it's blocked.

WINDOWS JUST CRASHED= If a window crashes, it falls down and breaks.
[computers] Windows® is an operative system (OS) by Microsoft. It's the program that makes the computer work. When the OS crashes, it stops working, it freezes or switches off, so there is nothing you can do with your computer, everything stops working.

ANYBODY ELSE= Some other person.

HOW YOU GUYS DOING?= (coll. esp. AmE) How are you? Are you ok?
You guys= You (plural) (esp. AmE)
- Hey, are you guys coming with me? I have room in my car for 3 more!

RUNNING= To run is to move on your feet faster than just walking.
[computers] When a program runs, it is working. To run a program is to execute it, to make it work.

LOCKED OUT= When you are locked out, you can't get inside a house/room because the door is locked (secured with a key).
[computers] when a program, file or document is protected with a password, only authorized personnel can open it. If you are locked out, you are denied access (you can't open it). That may happen because you have no administrative permissions or because the computer is not working properly.

GET ON THE NETWORK= Use the Internet or the internal company network that connects all the computers of a company together.

WE KEEP GETTING DROPPED= (keep + -ing) We are dropped all the time. To drop is to fall down suddenly (or to cause something to fall down), as when there is a hole on the ground or you faint.
[computers] When the line drops, the Internet suddenly stops working, there is no connection. If you get dropped (= you are dropped), you are using the connection when suddenly it stops and you can't use it anymore.

THAT'S IT= I had enough / This is finished / I'm going to stop this.

I.T.= Information Technology Department (the computer technicians working in a company).

I'M WORKING ON IT= I'm trying to solve it.

WHAT'S GOING ON?= (informal) What's happening?

FIREWALL= A fireproof wall used as a barrier to prevent the spread of fire.
A firewall is a computer program that protects your computer from viruses or other attacks coming from the Internet or local network.

SOUNDS LIKE THIS MIGHT BE A WHILE= From what I heard, solving the problem will probably take some time (a long time).

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

RESTARTING= If you re-start, you start again (on this video, she starts her life again as a baby).
[computers] To start a program or your computer (or your car or any other machine) is to make it work, to make it start functioning. So to "restart" your computer means to switch it off and then turn it on again. That can sometimes make it work ok again.

MOUSE= A little animal that loves cheese.
The device you use to navigate inside your computer –see picture

I GET IT= (coll.) I understand.
(the apple is the symbol of Apple Inc®, the corporation that produces Macintosh computers, which have their own operative system and are the most important competitors for Microsoft and its Windows OS. Apple computers are reputed to be better quality (also more expensive) and have far less problems than Windows run computers.


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