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The Legend of Zelda (Scottish & standard)
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This famous video game now has a movie version. The plot centres on a boy named Link, the protagonist, who aims to rescue Princess Zelda from the primary antagonist, Ganon, by collecting the eight fragments of the Triforce, a powerful artefact. You can also watch a video from the cartoon version: Episode 1.

I’ve got something special lined up for today. I’m taking the harvest to Castle Town Market, and you’re coming with me. Now, mind your manners and do what I say. Speak to no one. And, for goodness’ sake, don’t touch anything.

- I’ve been waiting for you, Link. You’ve been kept safe, guarded by a secret race. But this very day, the kingdom of HyRule will fall. Nothing can stop the Evil which has crept inside these walls. I am too late. This is the Temple of Time. When these doors open again it will be seven years into the past. Find me again.


- I welcome the hero of Time.
- Hero of Time, face me!

Note: the man speaking first has a Scottish accent, quite different from standard pronunciation.

LINED UP= prepared, in store

HARVEST= the produce from a field (wheat, maize, or whatever they grew there)

MIND= be careful with

YOUR MANNERS= the way you behave and speak

FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE= an euphemistic way of saying "for God’s sake". It is used to add force (emphasize) to a question or request.

LINK= the name of the hero

EVIL= wicked, bad, malign

TO DWELL= to live

WALLS= the stone walls surrounding a castle or a city.

7 YEARS INTO THE PAST= 7 years ago, 7 years back in time

COURAGE= (pronounced "kurij") the quality shown by someone who is brave and is not afraid of danger

WISDOM= the quality shown by someone who is wise (who knows a lot about life)

FACE ME= confront me, fight me


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