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Innocent prayers of children
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A cute compilation of prayers from children. Funny and warm.

I WENT TO THIS WEDDING= (coll.) I went to a wedding.
In conversation it is very common to use THIS instead of A when we are telling a story or describing events:
- I was having a beer when this man came in and said...
- They showed the fire on TV. There was this huge building in Texas all burning down.
- She was trying to do her shopping but this annoying little dog was biting at her shoes all the time.

In all these examples we're not using THIS to refer to something which is near, we're using it to introduce something unknown and indefinite. This use of THIS is very colloquial, but very common both in AmE and in BrE.

RIGHT IN CHURCH= We use RIGHT to emphasize adverbials of place and time: I want it right here, right now.

PUPPY= /pʌpɪ/ A baby dog.

I BET...= I'm very sure that...

IT IS VERY HARD FOR YOU TO LOVE ALL OF EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD= It's very difficult for you to love everybody.
This long sentence is a very good example of how much children love to emphasize and even exaggerate an idea when they think it is very important. Instead of simply EVERYBODY, this child says ALL OF EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Even the expression "all of everybody" is probably not very correct, but it's very clear.

EASTER= The Holy Week / Easter Sunday.
The Holy Week is the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, when Christians commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday is the day when Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. If we refer to the week we say "at Easter", if we refer to the day we say "on Easter".

GENIE LAMP=  /dʒi:nɪ/ (it should be "a genie lamp") A magical lamp present in some old Arabian tales containing a genie. If you rub the lamp, as it to clean it, the genie will be awoken and will come out of the lamp to grant you three wishes. A GENIE is a magical being who can grant you wishes. This kind of lamp got famous in the rest of the world through "Aladdin and the 40 thieves", a tale from the book "The Arabian Nights", so we usually call it "the Aladdin's lamp". (see picture).

CHESS SET= The things you need to play chess: the board and the 32 pieces (see picture).

CAMP= A summer camp, where children go to have fun in summer, usually in the countryside, for about 1 or 2 weeks, while counsellors take care of them. (see picture)

TRICK= A clever act that looks like magic.

HINDER= If you hinder someone who is moving, you stop them or make it difficult for them to keep moving in that direction.

THE KINGDOM= The Kingdom of Heaven (a future world of peace, justice and happiness).


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