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Jennifer Aniston goes viral
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Jennifer Aniston goes viral in this commercial with a little help from Keenan Cahill. This funny teenager got so famous and "viral" performing famous songs, at home, in front of his webcam, that even 50 Cents decided to feature one of his songs. See him on this video: Keenan.

The other viral reference that appears on this video is the double rainbow at Yosemitebear Mountain (see the video here), that was even turned into a song (listen to it here).

By the way, if watching this commercial makes you want to buy bottled water, think twice and watch this video first: The Story of Bottled Water.

Like a G6, Like a G6
Now – Now – Now – Now – I’m feelin so fly like a G6

- Cut, Cut, Cut! Hi
- Hi
- How you doing?
- I’m good
- What are you doing?
- I’m lip-synching!
- Ya, I know that, and that’s really really adorable! But ah, do you- do you know any songs about water?
- No.
- Hi, I’m Jen Aniston and I’m here to talk to you about SmartWater. But in this day and age apparently I can’t just do that, can I? I can’t just tell you that SmartWater is the smartest, best tasting water that’s out there. I have to make a video apparently that turns into a virus!
- Viral
- So,
- We need the video to go viral.
- Right, sorry viral! Thank you. This is why I have these three lovely internet boys here to help me, so, apparently, well, animals are huge on line. We have animals?
- Oh your, ah, so sweet! Can you say: “I love SmartWater”? No, no, no, out of there. “I love SmartWater”.
- Rachel I love your hair
- Ok. That’s enough, I don’t want, let's try to think of something else.
- Okay, well that’s adorable, look at you guys! Look at them, this... wait! What are you doing? No No No! No dirty dancing babies.
- It will get us more views
- It will also get us arrested
- Babies stop that, you really can’t do that, yet, where’s the mummy?
- Full on. Double rainbow all the way across the sky!
- What’s going on?
- Oh, my God
- Hi, honey, are you okay?
- It's so beautiful!
 - What? Come on, let’s get you up! Here, have some SmartWater. What did they do to you? Anything else? What’s left?
- Oh, my God, Jen Aniston, I have been in love with you forever.
- Sorry, apparently, that’s worth about 100,000 hits!
- Not for me.
- God! is it, is it hot in here? I’m fired! Well in closing, I would like to say that SmartWater is the purest tasting water there is! What are we gonna call this video?
- Jen Anniston’s sex tape!
- I love it!

G6= Slang for the Gulfstream G650, a twin-engine jet airplane manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace.

FLY= Super mega cool.
If you feel fly, you feel high, fantastic, euphoric. A G6 is a very expensive and luxurious plain (even more than its predecessor, the G5), so if you feel so fly (or high) like a G6 it means that you feel really really wonderful and cool.

CUT!= Stop filming.

HOW YOU DOING?= (coll.) How are you?

LIP-SYNCHING= To lip-sync is short for "lip synchronization", that is, to move your lips at the same time as the song playing (the voice is already recorded, so you only move your lips and pretend you are singing, but you are not).
Warning: in some countries this is called to sing in "play-back", but in English, a playback is the act of playing a recording again (play it back) to check if everything is correct. "Play-back" is one of those "false English words", like "footing" (= jogging) or "parking" (= car park / parking lot) or "camping" (=camping site) or "voice in off" (=voice over) which are used in many countries.

YA= (coll.) Yeah, yea, yes.

ADORABLE= Cute, very nice.

SMART= (AmE) Intelligent (in BrE it means "elegant").

IN THIS DAY AND AGE= Nowadays, at present, in modern times.

APPARENTLY= This is what they say.

OUT THERE= In the market. If something is "out there", it exists.

VIRUS= /vrəs/ A pathogen microorganism (a tiny little "animal-thing" that makes you ill). If something "turns into a virus", it transforms itself into a virus, it becomes a virus. But that is not what she means, so the three Internet Boys quickly correct her.

VIRAL= Related to viruses. But on the Internet world, recently, we say that A VIDEO GOES VIRAL when it gets so popular and successful that everybody shares it with other people so the views grow exponentially and in a few days or weeks thousands or millions of people watch it.

HUGE= Gigantic, immense, really big.
"Animals are huge online"= Animals are a very big success on the Internet (so videos with animals get very popular).

RACHEL, I LOVE YOUR HAIR= Jennifer Aniston is most famous for her role as Rachel in the TV series "Friends", so for most people, she is Rachel (apparently, for most parrots too).

LOOK AT YOU GUYS!= (coll.) You guys look wonderful. ("you guys" is the plural of "you")
In the same way we can say:
- Look at me! = I look great!
- Look at you! = You look fantastic!
- Look at him! = He looks wonderful.

DIRTY DANCING= An erotic way of dancing.
"Dirty" can be used to talk about something related with sex (for example a "dirty joke" is a joke about sex, and a "dirty man" is a man who always thinks or talks or etc about sex)

ARRESTED= If you are arrested you go to prison.

FULL ON= Showing complete.
This Double Rainbow part is a reference to this famous viral video: Double Rainbow.

WHAT'S GOING ON?= What's happening?

HONEY= /hʌnɪ/ Dear, darling.
(the literal meaning is the sweet liquid that bees produce)

THAT'S WORTH ABOUT 100,000 HITS= The value of this is 100,00 hits. In the Internet jargon, a HIT is view. If a video or a page gets 100,000, that means that it is watched 100,000 times (a hit is a click, and you click on the video to play it or on a link to open the page).

I'M FIRED= If you are fired, you lose your job, they dismiss you, you are made redundant.

IN CLOSING= To sum it up; as a conclusion.

GONNA= (coll.) going to.


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