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Meet Logan, the Sky Angel cowboy
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While theologians try to understand the mysteries of heaven and Earth, a little child from a ranch was able to understand it all in the most simple way when he had to kill his dear injured cow because it broke its back. Another proof that simple experiences are greater and far more mind-blowing than long and deep intellectual reasoning.

Listen to the original radio conversation here.

There is also a listening activity for this video. Go to the ACTIVITY tab below here and see the questions.

Watch the video first, then read these questions, answer any of them if you can, and then watch the video again (once or several times, depending on your level) to answer the rest of the questions. When you finish, you can check your answers on the KEY tab.

1- How old is Logan?
2- When did Logan call the radio station?
3- Why did the calf die while giving birth to a cow?
4- What is the connection between that cow and Jesus?
5- Why does God understand Logan's pain?
6- Who is sending the conversation all over the world?
7- How many people have heard Logan's message on the radio station website?
8- "You are not a piece of dirt". Who pronounces this sentence on the video?
9- He said, in God's opinion, "you're not a piece of dirt, you're a piece of..."?
10- Logan's parents knew two things about the boy that just came together in this conversation. What are they?
11- One of Logan's fans is a very famous Christian band. What's the name of the band?
12- Logan loves the ranch, but he also loves doing two things, can you name at least one?
13- Where can you find the entire conversation?
14- What was the staff at this TV station reaction when they showed them the video?
15- At the end, the old lady on TV says that the touching part of the message is not just his ability to communicate, it's something more. What is it?

1- 13
2- In late October
3- It was too weak (She was born from a very old cow and had no vitamine C or good milk)
4-  They both died for a purpose, they were both very dear to someone (God or Logan)
5- He also had to see his Son die
6- The radio station listeners
7- at least 13 million people
8- Logan
9- gold
10- He has a gift for communication and he is very familiar with God's word (the Bible).
11- Third Day
12- To encourage people and preach the gospel
13- at
14- They cried (they were so moved)
15- The depth of his wisdom and how simple and profound the message is.


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