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Please, please, please, let me get what I want (Slow Moving Millie)
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Probably the best Christmas ad in 2011

[John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011]

Good times, for a change.
See the luck I've had
Could make a good man turn bad
So for once in my life, let me get what I want...
Lord knows, it would be the first time.
Lord knows, it would be the first time.

So please, please, please,
Let me get what I want.
Lord knows, it would be the first time.

-- for gifts you can't wait to give --

FOR A CHANGE= We say this when we talk about something which is very unusual:
- He’s helping me with the cooking, for a change (= he never helps me with the cooking, but today he is)
- Oh good, a sunny day, for a change! (= after so many cloudy days, I can’t believe it’s sunny today)
- Billy, sit down and be quiet, for a change (= you’re never quiet!)

SEE THE LUCK I’VE HAD= My luck has been terrible, I’m never lucky.
We can use "see + [a situation]" to tell about a negative thing we’re suffering.
- See the clothes I’m wearing (= I’m wearing terrible clothes)
- See how tired I am (= I feel really tired)
- See the car I have (= My car is horrible)
We can also say LOOK AT…
- Look at the jumper she’s wearing (= her jumper is terrible)
If the context is positive and our intonation is rising and excited, the meaning is the opposite:
- See the car I bought! :) (= It looks great, right?)
But with a positive meaning, it is more common to use “look at”
- Look at that shirt!! :) (= Your shirt looks wonderful!)

TURN BAD= Become bad

LORD KNOWS,= We can use this phrase to emphasize that what we’re going to say is true. LORD = God.
- Lord knows I really want to go with you, but I can’t.
Lord knows she’s all I need!
- Do you love her? - Lord knows (= Oh yes, very much)
We can also say GOD KNOWS (it is even more common, actually)

THE FIRST TIME= If I had what I want, it would be the first time I get what I want.

GIFTS= Presents

YOU CAN'T WAIT= It is very common to use "can't wait" to express impatience.
- Next week we’re going to the Bahamas, I can't wait! (= I really want to go, I wish it was today)
- So you're coming to my party? – Of course, I can't wait (= I’m excited about it, I really want to go)
- Oh yes, I can't wait to see Susan! (I really want to see her)

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