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Rebecca -novel reading (Learn English Through…)
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A novel by British female writer Daphne Du Maurier published in 1938, a best-seller and a masterpiece of gothic literature. Since its publication it has been a great success and many people remember its first line: Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. Alfred Hitchcock filmed a cinema version of the novel (you can watch it here: Rebecca movie version).

The heroine meets and falls in love with Maxim de Winter, a rich Englishman whose beautiful wife has recently died under tragic circumstances. To her surprise and joy, Maxim proposes to her and they return to live in Manderley, his beautiful house in Cornwall. But, Maxim has never really gotten over his first wife, who despite being dead still dominates him and the house.

00:00:16 - Introduction: The Dream of Manderley
00:03:50 - Chapter 1: I Meet Maxim de Winter
00:10:27 - Chapter 2: A Day Out Together
00:18:12 - Chapter 3: In Love
00:23:56 - Chapter 4: I Leave Monte Carlo
00:34:32 - Chapter 5: I Come to Manderley
00:46:35 - Chapter 6: In the Moming-Room
00:52:49 - Chapter 7: ‘You Are So Very Different . .
01:00:33 - Chapter 8: The Happy Valley
01:05:07 - Chapter 9: The Cottage in the Bay
01:14:14 - Chapter 10: Questions and Answers
01:21:51 - Chapter 11: The China Cupid
01:29:42 - Chapter 12: In the West Wing
01:41:59 - Chapter 13: More About Jack Favell
01:48:19 - Chapter 14: Preparations for the Ball
01:55:04 - Chapter 15: ‘Miss Caroline de Winter’
02:06:51 - Chapter 16: ‘Why Don't You Jump?
02:18:36 - Chapter 17: ‘Rebecca Has Won’
02:27:41 - Chapter 18: The Truth About Rebecca
02:35:58 - Chapter 19: Colonel Julyan
02:43:31 - Chapter 20: The Inquest
02:50:41 - Chapter 21: A Visit From Jack Favell
02:58:12 - Chapter 22: Rebecca’s Diary
03:08:20 - Chapter 23: Dr Baker
03:15:19 - Chapter 24: The Return to Manderley


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