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Roller babies interview
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Incredible babies are interviewed about a TV commercial they've made. You can also TV commercial here: Rolling Babies.

We’re rolling? Steve, we’re rolling?

- So, tell me Tom, how did you get the part?
- Well, lots of work. There was nine months of intensive tumbling. And my brother, casting director.
- And you Anna, what interested you in this film?
- Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved dancing, so I said yes. He, he, he, he.
- Vince, how would you explain the incredible response to this project?
- Oh, Michael Gracey and Dan the Automator, that’s a helluva mix, you know.
- On top of that rap classic.
- What up!
- Could you do me a favour?
- Sure
- Can you share any stories with us about the shoot? What was it like on set?
- Well, I have to say that, well, something happened?
- Are you referring to your affair with little Anna?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, that... but I don’t want to talk about it.
- It was magic. All those actors dancing. I moved.
- Vince, can I tell you something? I love your hat.
- Ha, ha.

WE’RE ROLLING?= (coll.) Are we filming?, Are we shooting? Are we recording?

THE PART= A role in a play, movie, etc.

LOTS OF= (conversational) A lot of.

TUMBLING= To perform acrobatic feats such as somersaults, rolls, or twists.

AND MY BROTHER CASTING DIRECTOR= An incomplete sentence (no verb), which often happens in conversational English. It means: yea, that (all the practice), and the fact that my brother is the casting director.

EVER SINCE= An emphatic form of the preposition “since”.

KID= (coll.) child.

RESPONSE= The public response to an event is people’s reaction to it.

A HELLUVA= A hell of a... = An incredible.

ON TOP OF...= Besides, in addition to, and also.

WHAT UP!= (coll. AmE) This expression usually means “what’s up?” (= hello), but here, it seems to be a kind of expression of agreement (?).

SURE= An emphatic form of “yes” (= of course).

CAN YOU SHARE ANY STORIES WITH US?= Can you tell us any stories?

THE SHOOT= The filming process.

ON SET= At the place of filming.

AFFAIR= A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other.

IT WAS MAGIC= It was fantastic, amazing.

I MOVED= With this sense, this verb is usually transitive, so the usual form would be: “I was moved”. If something moves you, it makes you feel a strong positive emotion.
- That romantic film was so moving it made me cry.
- She was moved by his act of generosity.

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