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Phonetics with M-E

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The sixth sense
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Probably one of the best horror movies for two reasons: the main character, the little boy, is superb and completely convincing, and the plot is awesome, with a big surprise at the end that makes you want to see all the film again now that you understand everything that happened. Oh yes, and there is a third reason: not a single drop of blood! and still scary to hell.

- You know the accident up there?
- Yeah?
- Someone got hurt.
- They did?
- A lady. She broke her neck.
- Oh my God, what? You can see her?
- Yes.
- Where is she?
- Standing next to my window.

- Baby, why are you shaking? Cole, what's wrong?

- Do you ever talk to your mum about how things are?
- I don't tell her things
- Why not?
- Cause she doesn't look at me like everybody else and I don't want her to. I don't want her to know.
- Know what?...
... I see dead people, walking around like regular people.
- I don't see anything. Are you sure they're there?
- Sometimes you feel it inside, like you're falling down real fast. Do you ever feel the prickly things on the back of your neck?
- Yes.
- That's them. When they get mad, it gets cold.
- How often do you see them?
- All the time. They're everywhere.

- They want me to do things for them.
- I think that they know that you're one of these very rare people who can see them. So you need to help them.
- What if they don't want help?
- I don't think that's the way it works.
- How do you know for sure?

- Is anyone there?
- Look out!

- Please, make them leave.
- I'm working on it.

SHAKING= If you shake, your body trembles uncontrollably because you are very cold or very scared (frightened) or extremely weak.

WHAT'S WRONG?= What's the problem?

CAUSE= (coll.) Because.

EVERYBODY ELSE= The rest of the people.

I DON'T WANT HER TO= The particle TO can be a "proverb". In the same way as a pronoun substitutes for a noun, a proverb substitutes for a verb (and its complements):
- She looks at me… and I don't want her to: TO= to look at me.
- You have to stay at home.    – But I don't want to! (to = to stay at home)

KNOW WHAT?= (conversational) We use this question before saying something when we want people to feel curious about what we are going to say next, to create expectations, usually because we're going to say something that is very interesting or shocking or unexpected. We may wait for the listener to say "what?" or we may simply say it all in one go without waiting:
- Know what?   - What?   - I've just met the cutest girl in town… and I've got her number!!
- Know what? I think I'm going to stay here, I'm too tired for bars today.

THEY'RE THERE= Notice that the pronunciation of these two things are exactly the same, so this sounds eə* ðeə*/

REGULAR= (esp. AmE) Normal.

REAL FAST= (coll. in BrE, normal in AmE) Really fast = very very fast.

PRICKLY= Something prickly makes you feel pain as if one or lots of pins and needles were hurting you.

MAD= (AmE) Angry.
- Don't be mad at me = Don't get angry with me.
(in BrE "mad" means "crazy").

RARE= Difficult to find (because there are so few of them).

WHAT IF…= What happens if…, Suppose they…

- I don't think that's the way it works = I don't think that's how it works. (I don't think that is the way things are)

FOR SURE= With complete certainty; with no doubt.

LOOK OUT! = (also "watch out!") Be careful!

I'M WORKING ON IT= I'm trying.


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