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Surprise party
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Oh my God, this guy is... crazy?

Watch the original TV sketch he's watching here: I'm Freaking Excited.

- Thank you for coming on short notice. As you know, my granddaughter is staying with us over spring break and tomorrow is her birthday. So, I’m going to throw her a surprise party.
- Oh, my Go-o-o-od!
- Oh, What a great idea.
- Oh, my Go-o-o-od!
- She’ll be so surprised.
- Oh, my Go-o-o-o-d!
- Sue, w-what’s wrong?
- Sue likes surprise parties.
- I really love surprise parties, I’m so freakin’ excited!
- I want to ask. Does anyone want to help?
- Yes /Oh, yes! / Definitely!
- Thank you. She’s going to be so happy.
- Sue?
- I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know this was gonna be happening today! I’m- I am ecstatic to be a part of this!
- It’s truly nice that you’re doing this for her.
- I’d do anything for her. She’s my peach. What do you think? Should I get balloons?
- YES!!!
- I know of a party store I could pick some up on the way over tomorrow–
- She... she is gonna walk in here and think that nobody’s here! I don’t know what she's gonna do when she sees the balloons! And we’re hidden! And she’s surprised!
- That’s how a surprise party works.
- Oh, I know how they work!
- That’s the idea. I thought I’d take her to the park. Tell her that we’re coming back here for pizza. And then, you should all park far away so she doesn’t see cars and get suspicious. Sue, what are you writing?
- Oh, that's everything... that you’re saying! Everything that’s happening!
- It’s scribbles. This is nothing. It's like it's the first time you’ve ever thrown a surprise party.
- Leave her alone. Sue, I love that you’re excited about this. I am too. I just show it differently.
- Oh, my friend owns a bakery. I can swing by tonight and pick up a cake.
- I’m sorry. I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Could someone... get me something to eat? Some solid food. I’m so freakin’–
- Excited, excited…yes, we know. Here, here, some chips.
- I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow.
- Oh, my Go-o-o-o-o-od! I forgot about her face!! That’s the best part!!
- We still have a lot to cover. So let’s talk about–
- Oh, boy. My hands are paralyzed!
- I thought we could do—I could do some juggling from back when I was an army clown. I still have the nose someplace.
- Sue, get a hold of yourself!
- I’m sorry, but I didn’t know this was happening!
- Why don’t you go out and get some air?
- I’m sorry, you know what would make me calm down? A practice surprise. We can all figure out where we’re gonna hide.
- Good idea. I don’t want to screw this thing up. So, everybody hide somewhere.
- Ok, I bring her in. I say “Ok, Annie. We’re home.” Then you say—
- SURPRIIIIIISE!!!!!!! gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!!!! happy birthday! You didn't know we were going to be here! We jumped up!
- What is wrong with you?
- Hey, grandpa. What’s going on?
- Everything’s fine, darling.
- Yup, we’re just hanging out.
- Uh-huh.
- Just talking.
- Hi, Sue.
- I can’t tell you about something!
- Oh, shut it, Sue!
- There’s nothing. There’s just... something I’m very excited but I can’t —is there a party?!, WHAT?! NO! Whose birthday is it?! What?! Tomorrow?! What! Tomorrow's nothing! What time is it?! Park?! Pizza?! Hey, I’m going to a party tomorrow! Oh, God! Here it comes. Oh, God! Here it comes, Oh God, I'm gonna... Oh, God!
- Sue, don’t! Please!

ON SHORT NOTICE= If you do something "on short notice", you are told to do it with little time to prepare, in a hurry.

SPRING BREAK= Short holidays (usually one week) during the spring term of a school.

THROW HER A SURPRISE PARTY= To throw a party is to have/celebrate a party. A surprise party is a party where the person honoured doesn't know anything about it until they arrive and everything suddenly starts.

FREAKIN' EXCITED= (coll.) Very very excited.
We can use the adjective "freaking" to emphasize an adjective.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

ECSTATIC= (adj.) in ecstasies, really really happy, like living a wonderful dream.

TO BE A PART OF THIS= To participate in this.

TRULY= Really; sincerely.

SHE'S MY PEACH= She's the person I love the most (usually referring to a daughter or grand-daughter). You can also say "she's the apple of my eye".

BALLONS= (see picture)

ON THE WAY OVER= While coming here.

THAT'S THE IDEA= That's the plan, that's how I want things to happen.

SUSPICIOUS= If you get suspicious, you think something strange is happening, something mysterious.

SCRIBBLES= Meaningless marks and lines, doodles.

BAKERY= A place where they make and/or sell bread (and often also cakes, like in a confectionary)

PASS OUT= Faint, lose conscience.

SOLID FOOD= Food which is solid, not liquid. For example a yogurt is food, but not solid food, a beefsteak is solid food. If you ask for solid food, it is often because you are very hungry.

I CAN'T WAIT TO...= I'm very impatient to..., I really want to..., I'm so excited about...

COVER= Prepare, plan.

OH, BOY= Oh my God!

PARALYZED= If something is paralyzed it can't be moved.

JUGGLING= An act of juggling. To juggle is to keep (two or more objects) in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them. (see picture)

FROM BACK WHEN= From the time (in the past) when...
We can use BACK (usually with "when") to refer to a time in the past (especially our personal past):
- I remember back when I was a young boy
- That happened back in 1992
- It was back then when she moved out

ARMY= The military. The force of soldiers of one country.

CLOWN= A person who's occupation is to make people laugh (see picture)

SOMEPLACE= (AmE) Somewhere.

GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF= Control yourself, don't act as if you are going to have a nervous breakdown.

A PRACTICE SURPRISE= She means a rehearsal (practice, drill) of the surprise party.

FIGURE OUT= (coll.) Think about, decide; solve.

SCREW THIS THIS UP= (coll. a bit rude) Spoil this, ruin this, make it fail.

GOING ON= (coll.) happening.

HANGING OUT= If you are hanging out with other people you are socializing, just having a good time, with no other purpose. If you hang out with your friends, you spend time with your friends just to be together and be fine.

UH-HUH= (coll.) Yes.

SHUT IT= (coll.) Shut up, be quiet, don't speak.
(Shut = close,  it= your mouth). It is more common to say "shut up".


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