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The Christmas Story (according to kids) (St Paul's Auckland) (New Zealand)
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Little children tell the Christmas story in their own way.

Mary was really scared when the angel came to her.

There was one male angel called Gabriel.

He was just a boy angel.

He had wings and he was all white.

The angel said, “You’re gonna have a special baby."

And it was God’s son.

She was quite excited.

A bit scared.

And she was like, “oh my gosh, I’m gonna have the Son of God,”

And then she was like, “I can’t, I’m not married and stuff.”

Joseph, he was a builder.

Mary told Joseph that she was having a baby called Jesus, and it was God’s Son and he was like, “What?!”

Then Joseph saw the angel in a dream.

I think Joseph was really scared.

And then they went to Bethlehem. On a donkey.

It would be quite hot.

She had a baby in her tummy and she would have been really heavy.

She said, “Can we stop anywhere where there’s houses?”

They had to try and find somewhere for Mary to have the baby.

They went round the whole neighbourhood.

“No, there’s no space!”

Everyone said “NO!” in an angry voice cause it was the middle of the night.

“I said NO!”

The last innkeeper, he said “yeah, there’s a barn type thing around the back.”

They had to go to a barn, and have their baby.

It had sheeps.

It was like all hay­ and animal poop and sheep and things.

Mary put baby Jesus in one of those troughs.

They call the baby, Jesus and they loved Him.

And he has two daddies, God and Joseph.

They both needed to look after the baby.

The angel told the shepherds to follow the star.

There was three kings.

They follow the star all the way to where Jesus was born.

When they get to the stable, they give them – Jesus – the presents.

And then they got some angels as visitors too. And then there was a giant star.

Everyone was there.

Then there was a party.

SCARED= Afraid.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

SHE WAS LIKE= (coll.) She said:...

OH MY GOSH= Oh my God!

AND STUFF= (coll.) Etc.

TUMMY= Stomach, belly.

THE WHOLE= All the...

CAUSE= (coll.) Because.

INNKEEPER= A person who owns and runs an inn (the equivalent in the past to a Bed and Breakfast more or a little hotel).

SHEEPS= Probably a kid's mistake, because in English "sheep" has no plural (one sheep, two sheep)

BARN= A building for storing hay, grain, etc., and often for housing livestock.

TYPE THING= (coll.) We add this to a word when we know that word is not exact but we don't know the proper word and that is the closest thing we can thing about, so "a barn type thing" means "something which is very similar to a barn, but not exactly" (in this case the child means "a stable"). In this expression the aproximation word ("barn" in this case) works as an adjective, the noun is "thing".

HAY= Hay (dry grass for feeding cattle).

POOP= (kids' language) Excrements.

TROUGH= /trɒf/ A long, narrow, open receptacle used to hold water or food for animals.

SHEPHERDS= epəd/ A person who guards sheep.

ALL THE WAY= Up to the place...

STABLE= A building where farm animals are kept.

GIANT= Huge, very very big.

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