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The Chubb Chubbs
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A little monster in a distant planet wants to be a singer, but everything is against him... until he met the Chubb-Chubbs.

"What you want"
"Baby, I got it"
"What you need...
Excuse me, coming through here....
Got a wet mop here. Coming through, right behind ya. Coming through there! Watch your back.
"Find out what it means to me"
"R-S-T-T-B-C "
"Take care, T-C-C"
"Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me.."
What you take me for?, you'll never work on this planet again!
I'll just take this as my break!

Heelpsa meee-sa! Yoousa must warn everyone!
Hey, aren't you that guy from...
Yoousa must warn!
Oh, for heaven's sakes! The Chubbchubbs are coming!
Uhh!... But what's a Chubbchubb?
Holy shoot!

"Hey, your kisses. Sweeter than honey."
Hey everbody! This guy just told me that....

Look people I'm trying to tell you that.....
I am just not good at this....
Hey everbody! I just heard the Chubbchubbs are coming!

Everybody remain calm. This is no time to panic.
Whoo! Maybe this is a good time to panic! Wait for me!
What the...?
Oh you guys!, What are you doing? You gotta get out of here before the thing...
oh shoot!
Come here you guys.
Come here, come here...Whatever you are.
The Chubbchubbs are almost... here.
Oooh.. we are toast.
Don't move.
Hey friends!
Guys..., Can't we be friends?
I mean... Why can't ... We be friends?
Why can't ... We be friends?
Why can't we be friends?
"Why can't we be friends?, Why can't we be friends?"
"The colour of your skin no matter to me..."
"As long as we can live in harmony"
"Why can't we be friends?...
Why can't we be... Oops"
"Why can't we be friends?...Why can't we..."

It's the Chubbchubbs!!!
Get off me!

Oooh... nice Chubbchubbs...
Wow... you guys are like furry little cuisinarts, aren't'cha?
So eeh,...You guys into... Karaoke?

"Ohh, your kisses...
...sweeter than honey"
"And guess what..."
" is my money"
"All I want you to do for me..."
" give it to me when you get home"
"Yeah, baby"
"Whip it to me"
"Just a little bit... just a little bit"
"C-B-S and M-T-V"
"Find out what it means to me"
"C-S-I-V-I-P take your T-V-C. Oh"
"A little respect"
"Ooh, baby, a little respect!"

I GOT IT= (col.) I have it, I’ve got it.

MOP= A kind of broom used to clean the floor with water.

RIGHT BEHIND= We use RIGHT to emphasize expressions of place and time: right here, right now.

YA= (col.) You.

WATCH YOUR...= Be careful with your...

SOCK IT TO ME= (Old-fashioned slang) Give it to me; tell me.

WHAT (do) YOU TAKE ME FOR?= Who do you think I am?

BREAK= A period of rest in the middle of your working or studying time.

This character from the movie “Starwars” (2, I think) speeks ending most of his words in –SA.

FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE(s)!= A common expression of impatience, disgust or annoyance.

HOLY SHOOT!= (col.) A not so rude way to say a much much bad word (also starting with –sh)

GUY= (col. esp. AmE) Man, person.

CALM= /kɑ:m/

YOU GUYS= (col. esp. AmE) The plural form of YOU.
- Mark, Tim, you guys want to have a drink?

WHATEVER YOU ARE= You say this when you don’t know exactly what they are. WHATEVER means “it doesn’t matter what” or even “I don’t know what”.

WE ARE TOAST= (col.) We’re done, this is the end of us; we are in big big trouble (a piece of toast is a piece of bread which is baked).

NO MATTER= (col.) The correct form should be “doesn’t matter”.

GET OFF ME= Let me go. (the particle OFF expresses separation)

FURRY= Covered with hair or similar (in this case, fluffy soft chick feathers)

CUISINARTS= Cuisinart® is a brand for small kitchen appliances, especially the food processor of the same name (see picture), one of the first to become popular in the United States.

AREN'T'CHA?= (col.) aren't you? (with assimilation of T+Y=CH and weakening of YOU>YA)

YOU GUYS INTO KARAOKE?= You (plural) like karaoke?

WHIP IT TO ME= (Old fashioned-slang) Tell me; give it to me.

CBS and MTV are both famous American TV channels.

FIND OUT= Discover, try to understand what it is.

CSIVIP= Probably two acrostics: CSI (a special police department) and VIP (= Very Important Person, a label used to refer to important people who “deserves” a special treatment)

TVC= It is a Mexican TV network station and it also was a Hungarian made home computer. Or maybe in this “song” it just means nothing, pure gibberish.


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