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The Three Trees | A story to change your perspective about life (Try2Know)
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The Three Trees In an old forest, three young trees stood side by side, dreaming big. The first tree wanted to hold treasures, like a chest. The second tree dreamed of being a ship sailing the seas. The third tree just wanted to be the tallest in the forest. But one day, woodcutters came, and their dreams were cut short. The first tree became a feeding trough for animals, not a treasure chest. The second turned into a small fishing boat for calm lakes. The third became beams for houses in a growing village. Even though their dreams didn't come true, the trees found new jobs. The trough fed animals, the boat floated peacefully, and the beams made homes for families. In their new roles, the trees discovered the beauty of helping others. This story teaches us that even when things don't go as planned, there's value in finding new ways to be useful to the world around us.

In the heart of an ancient woodland, three young trees grew side by side, reaching up to the sky. They each had dreams that whispered through their leaves in the wind.

The first tree wanted to be a treasure chest holding gold and jewels. The second tree dreamed of being a ship sailing the seas. The third tree just wanted to be the tallest in the forest like a king.

As time passed and the seasons changed, fate took an unexpected turn. The once dreaming saplings found themselves face to face with the unforgiving blades of woodcutters. Their dreams shattered like fragile glass, only to be recast in unexpected molds.

The first tree, which wanted to hold treasures, changed into a simple feeding trough. Inside, it became a cozy place for farm animals to eat, not filled with gold and jewels but with food for thankful creatures. The second tree, wishing to sail the seas, turned into a small fishing boat. It floated on calm lakes and winding rivers, helping those who wanted to catch their daily food. The third tree became beams and planks for houses in a growing village. Even though it wasn't the tallest, it became a part of homes, giving warmth and protection to families.

In the quiet change of their destinies, the trees found out that their new jobs were more important than what they first wanted. Each, in their newfound forms, played a vital role in the lives of others, illustrating that even when the script of life unfolds differently than expected, there is profound significance in serving the needs of the world around us. Life may not go as planned, but there is value in serving others.

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IN THE HEART OF= /ɪn ðə hɑ:*t əv/ A common phrase meaning "in the center of" or "deep inside" something.

ANCIENT= /nʃənt/ Very old; from a long time ago.

WOODLAND= /dlənd/ A land covered with trees; a forest.

WHISPERED= /wɪspəd/ Spoke very quietly.

TREASURE CHEST= /treʒə ʧest/ A box that holds valuable items like gold and jewels.

SAILING THE SEAS= /seɪlɪŋ ðə si:z/ Travelling by boat across the ocean.

FATE= /feɪt/ The development of events beyond a person's control; destiny.

WOODCUTTERS= /wʊdkʌtəz/ People who cut down trees.

SHATTERED= /ʃætəd/ Broken into many pieces.

RECAST= /ri:kɑ:st/ Formed into a different shape or role.

FEEDING TROUGH= /fi:dɪŋ trɔ:f/ A container for animals to eat from.

COZY= /kəʊzi:/ Warm and comfortable.

FLOATING= /fləʊtɪŋ/ Resting or moving on the surface of water.

BEAMS= /bi:mz/ Long pieces of wood or metal used to support buildings.

PLANKS= /plæŋks/ Long, flat pieces of wood.

DESTINIES= /destɪnɪz/ The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

UNFOLDS= /ʌnfəʊldz/ Develops or becomes clear.

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