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The window (Australia)
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What is that window? Why is it so shocking for him? An intriguing short movie with an unexpected twist of plot.

Julian's mother died not long ago, but he just heard her voice as vivid as reality. He wakes up and feels compelled to travel to his local pub. On arrival he finds his friends and family there celebrating, and they have some important news.

- Shortlisted for TROPFEST, the world's largest short film festival.
- Front Page Feature on


>>> Australian accent was never my forte but I hope this messy transcription will be good enough for you to understand the story.

- Julian!
- There he is.
- What are you guys doing here? Do I need to worry or something? ... Tim! What are you doing here?
- Drinking, mate. You should be too.
- Exactly. I think it's time for the chant...
- Oh yeah.
Here's to Julian, he's true blue.
He's a piss pot through and through.
He's a bastard so they say.
He tried to get to heaven but he went the other way.
So down down down down...

- So Sean, what is going on?
- Jules. Through the glory days, you and me, late nights, light mornings, chasing girls, getting drunk, breaking hearts. Listen to me, I'm a ++++. Jules, I start to realize that the greatest days of my life probably got on my back. I know, it's a stupid thing to say on a day like today but...
- Sean, I woke up this morning, I came down here ++++. I had this dream. There was an angel in a field... something... I...
- ++++
- I think I heard mum's voice.
- Already? That's why we're here, isn't it? The good news... she's coming to see ya.
- Sean, can I talk to you for a second? Sean, you stood beside me on my mother's funeral. For Christ's sake! Do you think you can junk about that? Tell me, what is going on?
- Jesus, you don't know, do you?
- Know what?
- About her, about everything. We all thought you knew. We all... all of us, we're all here for you. But I can't, I can't fill you in on this one. Look behind you. That's the guy that'll speak to you.
- Dad!?
- See? He's been waiting for you here all day. Hardly moved. Now, go over there. We'll stay here. You'll clear things up. Go on there.
- It's ++++ to see ya.
- What's happening?
- Oh, in good time, son, in good time. It is so good to see you.
- Dad, you only saw me the other day.
- Yea, I know, I know, but it feels like a long time. You want any of these...?
- Dad, I'm not hungry. Now, look...
- You know who I saw today? Marcos, ++++. He said he'd drop by later on this evening.
- Dad. Sean, he was saying something about mum, like... like she's here or something. What the hell is he talking about? This all feels like a dream.
- Well, they say a dream is our mind's way of making a difficult reality into a bearable absurdity. I say dreams give us hope.
- Dad, what are you...? You've been drinking, you're not making any sense.
- How many times I've snuck you into places like this to have a beer with your old man. Just seems like a couple of seconds ago that you were just a little cub, too scared to cross the street ++++...
- Dad, what does that even mean?
- It seems like just a couple of seconds ago that I met your mum, ++++ more that she died. ++++ permanent.
- Look, Dad, I'm not sure you're hearing me, huh? Nothing, nothing is making any sense.
- I know it's confusing for you, I know it's confusing but... you can look towards the window.
- What!
- It's nothing to be afraid of, it's gonna be fine.
- Aw! Oh Christ! Oh Christ!
- It's ok.
- Julie, Julie, Julie.
- How you feeling, son? It's a lot to take in, I know. But I want you to know I've always been there for you, son. Always will be. Just like your mother.
- Mum.
- Yea.
- I heard voices, dozens of them.
- Yea, they're getting a bit impatient. You always were a popular guy.
- I saw...
- ++++, not one, many. Everyone's on their own. But today they all stopped, just for you. It's a beautiful thing.
- Dreaming?
- Yes... in a way.
- We're closing fellows, time to go.
- We ++++ be home now.
- I'm not well, am I. Am I?
- God. I've tried to be there for you, son. I've tried.
- I know. I know.
- Fellows, time's up.
- Time's up.
- I heard every word, dad. They said I couldn't, but I did.
- I always knew that.
- Where do I go?... Bye, dad.
They say a dream is our mind's way of making a difficult reality into a bearable absurdity. I say dreams give us hope.


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