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The zebra limerick
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This is a simple limerick but this boy had big trouble trying to say it correctly.

A limerick is a short poem, usually funny, with a particular structure and rhyme. It has 5 lines with the following number of beats: 3-3-2-2-3 and rhym a-a-b-b-a.

There once was a zebra who moot

A tomato was really a fruit

The point was debated

Till a cobra stated

It was a vegetable, but not a root

MOOT= To bring up as a subject for discussion or debate; to argue. This verb is regular, so the past is "mooted", but here, "moot" is used as a past form (it might be old English).

TOMATO= Notice the British pronunciation here /təmɑ:təʊ/. American pronunciation is /təmtou/ (but both BrE and AmE say potato /pəttəʊ/)

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