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Tonight You Belong to Me (with fireworks?)
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She thought she kept hearing fireworks and couldn't sleep, so we sang to keep her mind preoccupied. In the end, nothing competes with fireworks.

You can watch here the song the father's trying to sing (to make her forget), a popular American song from 1926, usually played on the ukelele:

Tonight You Belong To Me.

I know
I know you bel-
-- How about when I say, "be quiet", that means there's a firework coming.
- OK
I know you belong
-- When we, when we hear say "tsss", that means there's a firework coming.
- Ah, ok.
I know
-- When it goes "tsss", that means there's a firework here.
- Ah ok.
I know
You belong to somebody new
-- Tss!.... Let's check outside.
- +++++
But Tonight you belong to me

- You say
We're apart
-- You say "although", "although"
- Ah, ok.
Although (although) We're part
You're a part of my heart
Cause tonight you belong to me

Way down by the street
How sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream
In the moonlight

My honey I know
By the dawn that you will be gone
-- Shhh... What's that sound?
- Aeroplane.

But tonight you belong to me
Just to little old me.


- Shhh!

Way down by street
How sweet it will be
Once more just to dream
By the moonlight
My honey, I know
By the dawn
-- Don't say like that.
I know
You belong to somebody new
And tonight
You belong to me
Just to little old me


HOW ABOUT= Let’s..., why don’t we...?
It’s a way of introducing a suggestions. We can also say WHAT ABOUT...? (if it is followed by a verb, we use the –ing form)
- How about going for a walk? = Let’s go for a walk.

FIREWORK= (see picture)

BELONG TO= If for example a book belongs to me, it is mine.
- This house belongs to my father, but we are living here for the summer.
BELONG WITH= If you belong with Peter, you and Peter should be together because that is the right thing or the best thing, or because you make a very good couple.
- I know I belong with you and I will never leave you.
BELONG IN= If you belong in a place, that is the right place for you, the place where you feel good or where you must be.
- I don’t know what I am doing in Moscow, I belong in some warm city by the tropics.
- She’s very sad, I think she doesn’t belong here, she probably misses home.

WHEN IT GOES= (coll.) When it makes that sound.
In colloquial English we can use the verb TO GO when we want to show the sound something makes:
- The cow goes “moo” and the cat goes “meow”
- ... and then Kevin stands up and goes, “I’m fed up, I won’t do it”, and everybody was shocked.

CHECK= If you check something, you look at it or go there to investigate it. In this case, the little girl wants to go outside and check if there are more fireworks going on.

HEART= /hɑ:t/

CAUSE= (coll.) Because.

WAY DOWN= We use the word WAY with expressions of place to show that there is a very long distance:
- The plane took off and I saw it flying way up into the clouds.

SWEET= Cute; kind; lovely.


IN THE MOONLIGHT= Under the light of the moon.

MY HONEY= /maɪ hʌnɪ/ (or simply HONEY) Darling, dear, sweetie.

DAWN= /dɔ:n/ The time when the daylight begins and night ends.

YOU WILL BE GONE= You will leave, go away.

LITTLE OLD ME= In expressions like this, the words “little” and “old” are just showing love, appreciation, they don’t mean anything:
- Old McDonald had a farm= this means that I know McDonald and I love him, though probably he is a young man (or maybe it is literal and he is old)
- Do you remember Joshua’s brother? – Well, yes! Little old Jimmy. I first met him when he was 19, he must be 32 years old now.

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