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Phrazzleme, the new trendy game to practise English

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The ultimate brilliant solution for unwanted body noises (a TV commercial).

Has this ever happened to you?
- Wow, that was really delicious!
- Yes, this is a great place [farts]
- Oh my God! That’s disgusting! No wonder I hate you.
- Wait, it, it just slipped out

Say goodbye to embarrassing moments like this forever with the Robert’s revolutionary Toot-Tone. The amazing Robert’s Toot-Tone uses patented smart-chip technology to turn embarrassing body noises into recognizable cell-phone ring tones. And it’s super easy to use. Just insert the comfortable self-lubricated Toot-tone capsule and let it rip.

- Wow, everything looks delicious.
- Yeah [ring-farts]
- Oh, excuse me. It’s my broker
- Wow, you have a broker!
- Thanks, Toot-Tone
- Do you smell "egg salad"?

The revolutionary Robert’s Toot-Tone is perfect for the office.
- And that’s our projected forecast for the fourth quarter.
[ring tone]
- I’m sorry, I thought I turned that off, he he
- You’re pretty popular this morning, Diddy
- I know. Ever since breakfast my phone’s been ringing off the hook
[ring tone]
- Thank you Toot-Tone

Use it at parties, in an elevator, even at home. The Robert’s Toot-Tone really puts the fun in bodily functions.

- Hey Dereck, the phone’s for you.
- Oh, yuck! God, it stinks!
- Gotcha!
- Sick, man! Oh, ho, ho
- Hey, they’re calling back. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks Toot-Tone

The revolutionary Robert’s Toot-Tone, and the new i-Toot featuring all your favourite tones. Just relax, and let it ring.
[ring tone]

DISGUSTING= very unpleasant, revolting

NO WONDER I... = it’s not strange that I...

SLIP OUT= to say or do something without intention

EMBARRASSING= that makes you feel shame

AMAZING= wonderful, stunning, extraordinary

SMART= intelligent (esp. in AmE)

TURN INTO= change into a different thing, transform

CELL-PHONE (AmE)= mobile, mobile phone (BrE)

RING TONES= the different sounds a mobile can make when getting a call

SUPER EASY= in coll. English you can use SUPER as a more emphatic option for VERY (especially young people).

INSERT= introduce

RIP= to move very quickly through a place (esp. by tearing it along, but not the case here)

FART= to fart is to expel air through your anus.

BROKER= the professional in charge of taking care of your investment in the stock market (like in Wall Street).

EVER SINCE... = continuously since that moment until now.

OFF THE HOOK= out of control

ELEVATOR (AmE)= lift (BrE)

YUCK!= expression of disgust (may be pronounced ending in /k/ or in /x/, which is the sound of the Scottish word "loch" /lox/ or the Spanish J as in Juan /xwan/, pronounced by the friction of your uvula in your throat.

GOD!= an expression of surprise or disgust, considered rude by many people and even blasphemous by others (esp. in AmE)

GOTCHA= I’ve got you = I fooled you, I trapped you

SICK!= that’s sick / you’re sick. We’re not talking about illness here, but mental sickness. A sick person may be (like here) someone whose mind is not working properly and does, thinks or says very disturbing or rude things.

CALLING BACK= calling again

FEATURING= when a machine or device features this and that, it offers those services to the user.


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