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Why men and women can't be friends
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Seriously, I don't know if this video is a reflection of real life or they just selected the interviews that fitted their point, but anyway, I thought it's interesting. And you? Do you think men and women can be just friends?

Here we are at the Utah State University library for some interviewing to ask people if they believe that men and women can be just friends, so let’s go inside and see what we can find.

Do you believe that men and women can be just friends? "yes" "yeah of course" "yes, I do" "yes" "yes?" "yeah"
Uhm... I think it'd be hard to do.
I mean, we're all men so of course we're going to have those feelings, I mean, we can be content with just friendship and we can be silent regarding those feelings but we're gonna have them.
hmmmmmmmmno…no way!
No, Yes, Yes, Yes
I don't believe so, no.
I guess what I'm saying is "no".
Ok, I'll walk with you. Do you believe men and women can be just friends?
umm..yeah, Yes, Yes.
Okay, do you have any guy friends right now who you are just friends with?
Yeah, oh yeah, all my best friends are guys: Dave, Trevor, Taylor Mulford, Bobby
How long have you known Trevor? Two years
Of those guy friends, do you think any of them secretly like you? and be honest.
Probably, yes.
Do you think that guy's interested in you?
Ok,  maybe you can only be just friends in high school because most guys won't just be my friend.
Would Dave hook up with you if you gave him the chance?
Well, yeah.
Do you think Trevor liked you?
Yeah, I know he did... shoot.
Would he hook up with you if you wanted to hook up? Yeah
So he likes you?  so what you're saying is that women can’t be friends?
No we can be friends.
You're just friends...but he likes you
So it’s a one-sided friendship?
That was one instance.
If she wanted to hook up, would you hook up?
Oh, totally! look at her!
Don't be sarcastic I need the truth
Seriously, yeah .
Alright, there we go, alright, that's perfect, perfect. Ok cut cut
Because of physical attraction it’s just not possible.
Uh... but you said "I just wanna be just friends"
Now do you literally believe that he's not interested in you at all?
YES! YES! That’s what I'm talking about!

As you can see after interviewing everyone in the library, uhm... it is not possible for men and women to be "just friends", and under no circumstances can it happen.
That’s a wrap

CONTENT= Satisfied.

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

NO WAY= An emphatic way of saying NO.

GUY= (coll., esp. AmE) Man, boy. A GUY FRIEND is a male friend.

RIGHT NOW= At this very moment. (RIGHT is often used to emphasize expressions of time and place: right here, right now).

HONEST= If you are honest, you tell the truth, you don't lie.

THE CHANCE= An opportunity.

HOOK UP= If a guy and a girl hook up, they go out together, they start dating, they begin a romantic relationship.

ONE-SIDED= If a certain relationship is one-sided, that means that it only exists on one side, but not the other. For example, a one-sided love is when A loves B but B doesn't love A.

INSTANCE= Example.

TOTALLY= (coll., emphatic) Absolutely! Of course! Oh, yes!

SARCASTIC=This word is very often misused and it's very often confused with IRONIC, which would probably be the right word here. If you are IRONIC, you say the opposite of what you mean, for example, your friend didn't sleep last night and he looks terrible, and you say, "Wow, look at you! you look great!". SARCASTIC is when you are ironic but the the cruel intention of hurting the other person with your comment, for example, you see a fat ugly girl and you tell her, "Hello beauty, don't you think you should stop that diet before you get too skinny?.

CUT= Stop recording.

WANNA= (coll.) Want to.


THAT'S A WRAP= (coll.) That's it, it's finished!


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