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I Want to Be Much More Bigger, Like You (Charlie and Lola)
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Another cute episode of Charlie and Lola. Lola feels she's getting much "more bigger", as she says. Not correct grammar, but kid's language.

I Want to Be Much More Bigger, Like You.

I have this little sister, Lola.
She's small and very funny.
I'm not small, Charlie.
I'm getting more bigger and grown-up all of the time.
[ Grunts ] and today I'm going to be more bigger than I was yesterday.
And because I'm more bigger, I'll be able to go on the superduper loopy-loopy ride with you and Marv at the fair.
[ Grunts ] the superduper loop-the-looper is a ride which is very, very fast and very, very scary.
Are you sure you want to go on the superduper loop-the-looper, Lola?
I am very sure, Charlie.
One, I am not small.
I am big.
Two, I am good at screaming.
Aaaaaah! ha ha!
Three, I am almost nearly as big as you and Marv.
And five, I want to go on it.
[ Sighs ] come on, then, Lola.
Let's see how more bigger you really are.
[ Giggles ] oh.
You see, today is measuring day, and every month, dad measures us to see how big we're getting.
The last time I was measured, I was this big.
And you were this big.
But now I know I am much more bigger, and I'm catching you up, Charlie.
The super-looper dupey-dupa only lets on big people 'cause it's so fast.
And it makes you ..
[ Giggles ] your turn first, Charlie.
Not so much more bigger, Charlie.
[ Singsong voice ] I'm catching you up.
And every month, Lola does the same thing.
Are you cheating, Lola?
Really, truly, really?
[ Whimpers ] oh.
Charlie, I must be more taller than that.
Are you tricking me?
that's exactly how big you are, Lola.
I must be big enough to go on the "sluperduper" dupey-dupa.
Do you mean the superduper loop-the-looper?
There are other really good rides at the fair, Lola.
Some of them are for smaller people, and they're really good fun.
I don't think so, Charlie.
I think the rides for the big people are the best.
Oh, no, Lola.
The chug-a-bugs ride is amazing!
It's really exciting.
Mmm, go on.
[ Sighs ] aaaah!
I know I'll be big enough this time.
[ Lola grunting loudly ] [ sighs ] is it working?
Is what working, Lola?
[ Straining ] I'M TRYING To stretch myself ..bigger.
[ Chuckles ] am I bigger?
A little bit, Lola.
[ Giggles ] also, I have a good plan.
I'm going to think myself bigger.
Now I am thinking of how I am ..
...Touching the sun, Charlie!
[ Laughs ] [ laughs ] and now I am thinking I'm as big as one of those extremely "talleous" buildings.
[ Laughs ] and now I'm thinking of even much bigger things.
One day I'll be as tall as a mountain.
[ Laughs ] oh.
[ Laughs, sighs ] you can't make yourself bigger.
It just happens.
I happen to be older than you, and I probably will always be bigger than you.
That is where you are absolutely not right, Charlie.
[ Sighs ] oh.
[ Tapping ] measure me now, Charlie!
Lola, the people who run the superduper loop-the-looper will know you're cheating.
You'll just have to wait and see if you're big enough.
Why am I always, always the small one?
Why can't it be different for even one time?
I could stay up the latest.
I could get all the important jobs.
I could get my own pink milk from the fridge.
[ Sighs ] it's not fair.
But there are very good things about being small, Lola.
There's nothing good about being small.
You get all of the piggybacks.
[ Hs ] ooh!
Charlie You get to make ..
♪ La la la la la la la la la ♪
...and not clear it up.
♪ La la la la la ♪
scary monsters.
And you get stories read to you every night.
Ha ha ha.
And everyone always ..
[ Slurping ] [ gasps ] whoops!
...Even when you spill things.
[ Giggles ] hmm.
So, you see, there are loads of good reasons to be the small one.
That's not true, Charlie.
You get all of the fun all of the time.
You wouldn't like to be the biggest, Lola.
You wouldn't.
Really, really would!
So, then I had a really ..
Okay, imagine if we really did change places.
[ Deeper voice ] I HAVE This little brother, Charlie.
[ Imitating car engine ] ...and very funny.
Sometimes I have to keep an eye on him.
Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Can I have some pink milk now, please?
Hee hee hee!
[ Imitating car engine resumes ] [ slurping ] more please.
[ Slurping ] more please.
♪ Da de da de da de da ♪
Lola! Lola!
[ Grunting ] can you get me that bucket of crayons up there, Lola?
All right, Charlie.
No, that one.
That one?
No, that one.
No, not that one.
[ Panting ] [ giggling ] [ panting continues ] come on.
[ Giggling ] so, you see, Lola, it's much better being the smaller one.
[ Normal voice ] No, it isn't.
I want to be much more bigger like you, Charlie.
[ Doorbell rings ] [ gasps ] that'll be marv and marv's mom and dad to take us to the fair!
I'm going on the super-loopy!
Super-looper dupey-dupey!
You are ready for the superduper loop-the-looper, aren't you?
Yes, yes, yes, I am!
I am, I am, I am!
She's quite small, isn't she?
we'll just have to see.
Okay, move along.
Budge up.
That is definitely the best ride in the world.
it'll make our hair stand on end!
And our tummies go all funny.
I can't wait!
[ Gulps ] how about you, Lola?
I can't wait, either.
Hold on to your tummy.
[ Riders screaming ] I think I might be ..
[ Chuckles ] phew!
Perhaps it will be a little more fun if I went on something for more slightly smaller people, like the chug-a-bugs!
[ Laughing ] [ screaming ] loop-the-looper!
[ Screaming continues ] hello, Charlie!
Hello, marv!
Look, here I am!
[ Laughs ] Charlie, wave.
I'm stuck, Charlie.
[ Laughs ] this is the very best ride in the whole world!
It makes me laugh and laugh!
[ Laughs ] --Captions by VITAC-- ♪ We'll make some very tasty eats ♪
♪ I'm zefronk ♪
♪ he's zefronk ♪
♪ with help from you and my friend sue ♪
♪ we'll cook up fun for me and you ♪
♪ and me too ♪
♪ we'll stir and mix and fold and stack ♪
♪ to fix ourselves a healthy snack ♪
♪ this is tasty time with zefronk ♪
bonjour, everyone.
Hello and welcome to another delicious episode " and this is my helper, sue.
♪ And one and two and one and two ♪
what are you doing, dom?
Been sneaking too many snacks lately.
Gotta get into shape.
I do not have time for your interruptions today.
Please go and let me walk and do not try to sneak any snacks.
Frankie, you're already out of breath.
Just a few sessions of domercise and you'll be chasing me out of here without breaking a sweat.
Staying fit is very important.
Deep knee bends.
♪ One and two ♪
and now-- ♪ and one and two and one and two ♪
♪ and one and two ♪
here is the recipe for zefronk's energy mix.
The ingredients, please, sue.
First, you need seven cups of nice popped pop corn, / of a cup of dried apricot pieces, and / cup raw almonds.
Doesn't that feel good?
Yes, yes.
Now, arm stretches.
[Music] wash and stretch along with me.
♪ We wash our hands to make them neat ♪
♪ before we fix our tasty treat ♪
the hands are clean.
Let's begin with the bowl of popcorn.
Side stretches.
[Music] what's that, dom?
No, no.
He is exercising.
One and two and one and two and one and two dom, are you chewing?
Just exercising my jaw.
Oh, well. okay.
Back to the recipe.
Simply add the dried apricots and the almonds to the popcorn.
Finally, mix it all together.
Mix along with me.
Mix, mix, mix.
And we are finished.


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