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At the market - model conversation (ESLConversation)
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Learn English conversation: at the market

Learn English conversation: At the market.

Wow. There are so many things at the market today.
You are right.
I hope we will be able to barter.
You can barter at most of the stores in the market.
What are you getting?
I need to get some fish and some fruit. What do you need?
I am looking for some cheap slippers for my son.
I think I know a man who sells slippers.
Really? Where?
Take your next left and his booth should be there.
Okay. Where are you buying your fish?
From whoever offers me the best price.
There is a good fisherman a little further down this way.
What fish does he sell?
He sells many kinds. Last week I bought a sword fish from him.
How was it?
It was delicious. He had good tuna as well.
Okay, I'll buy from him.
Where are you getting your fruit?
My cousin sells fruit in the market, so I'll buy it from him.
Maybe I'll buy some from him as well.
He will give us a good price.
I see the shoe store.
It looks like slippers are expensive.
Yeah. I’ll ask him if he'll lower the price.
If he won’t, then we can go to another shop.

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