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Looking for a job - Listening practice (Crown Academy of English)
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Improve your listening skills with this exercise based on a British news report about looking for a job.

This video will help you practice your listening skills in preparation for your IELTS or TOEFL tests.

0:26 Lesson plan

1:54 English Vocabulary needed for the lesson (survey, CV, jobseekers, employer, employee, to apply)

8:14 Listening questions:

1) What was the second example of problems reported by employers?
2) What is the main reason for these mistakes, according to Joe Billington?
3) How much time do career advisers believe jobseekers should spend working on their CV?
4) What was the third piece of advice given by the National Careers Service?

10:21 Listen to the report.

12:51 Answers to the questions

16:34 Listen to the report with subtitles (transcript)

18:36 Discussion about common mistakes made by job applicants.



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