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Vocabulary HEALTH and ILLNESS (MrSkypelessons)
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An English vocabulary lesson on the theme of HEALTH and ILLNESS.

Here is the vocabulary

G.P (General Practitioner)
chemist's / pharmacy
take antibiotics / painkillers
have an injection, jab, operation, anaesthetic

side effects / adverse reactions
a ward
have an arm (in plaster)

to sneeze
to cough
to vomit (be sick)
to bleed
to have diarrhoea
to sweat (perspire)
to faint
to feel dizzy
to be swollen
to sprain your wrist / ankle
to pull a muscle
to have high blood pressure
to choke
to have a seizure
have a heart attack
have a stroke
food poisoning
premature death

a rash
a blister
a bruise
an excruciating/sharp/severe pain
have a sore throat
have a stomach ache
have flu
a serious wound

critically ill
terminally ill
treat (treatment)
infection (to be infected with)

Phrasal Verbs
get over (make a full recovery)
suffer from
die of / from
pass out
throw up
break out (in a sweat)
disease breaks out
go (come) down with
stitch up


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