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      There is not such a thing as a free website, if you are not paying for it, then someone else is. WHY A DONATION? Because access to education should…

Download audio and video from this website

Some teachers want to use these videos in class but they don't have an internet connection there. Some students want to work with their videos in their MP4 player or mobile phones.…

Phonetic Transcription Box

INTRODUCING M-E TRANSCRIPTION BOX Teachers trying to create their own phonetic transcriptions with their word processor know how incredibly time consuming it can be, so most end up just filling the blanks…

Phonetic transcription system used here

  All the transcriptions on this site use the standard IPA system. teacher:  /ti:tʃə*/ To mark the stress we underline the stressed vowel, though many dictionaries also use the ( ' )…

Accents & Accent marks

English is a global language, for that reason, no matter what variety of English you're studying, you must be able to understand any other variety of English as well. And since English…
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