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Conversation tips: giving directions UNIT 9 - part of lesson F
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Some tips about how to give directions.

Note: anybody understands the place he's asking for? it sounds like "café au lait" but should be something different ;)

In this scene you're lost.
When you practise a conversation add movements.
Make sure to use gestures with everything you say.
And be sure to make eye-contact with your partner.
Ok, let's practise the conversation.

- Excuse me, is there a ++++ near here?
- Yes, there is one accross from* the post office
- How do I get there?
- Oh, you go down the street to the signal, then you turn right
- Down the street, then to the right?
- Yes, it's just past the park
- Just past the park. Thanks. And where's the Grand Hotel?
- It's right here, it's behind you.
- Oh... thanks.

* in BrE you'd usually say "opposite the post office", but opposite means "exactly in front of it", and "across from" is "on the other side", so it's less precise.

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