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Prepositions of Movement (Spain) UNIT 9 - part of lesson F
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You will need to master the most important prepositions of movement to give and understand directions in English and for many other things.

Learn how to use some prepositions of movement. With this video, your life should be much easier! :)

ACROSS = from one side to the other
- He is walking across the street
OVER = Up and then down
- He jumped over the wall
OUT OF = To the outside
- He came out of the house
INTO = To the inside
- They came into the car
UP = To a higher position
- Look up, there's a new star there!
DOWN = To a lower position
- She came down the stairs in her beautiful dress
THROUGH= inside and then outside
- The robber jumped through the window
PAST= further than
- We walked past a bar, but we didn't stop
UNDER= in a lower position
- The river goes under an old bridge
ONTO= Moving to a surface
- He jumped onto the table and started to dance
OFF= Moving away from a surface
- Come off the table, are you crazy?
ALONG= Moving by the side of something long
- Don't walk along the road, it's dangerous


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