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English lesson - Weather forecast (MasterD) (Spain) UNIT 5 - part of lesson H
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Here we have a weather forecast. Read the script carefully and see if you can understand. Look up for the words you don't know.

Welcome back. And now, for the weather forecast with Julie David.

Thank you, Ben.
Here's the weather forecast for the next few days.
On Monday we will see heavy showers in the north of the country with possible fog and temperatures as low as 7 or 8 degrees Celsius.
In the south we're expecting dry spells with a high of 12 degrees Celsius.
The heavy showers ++++ across the country by early evening leaving settled weather.

Tuesday start's off better in the north, with sunny spells in the north east and west as well as in Wales and Northern Ireland.
Temperatures will be slightly higher and around 14 or 15 degrees Celsius for the main part of the day, whilst in the south, temperatures may reach 20 degrees Celsius.
Storms are likely for Northern Ireland in the late hours of Tuesday, but are likely to clear overnight.

Wednesday will be sunny once again with clear skies across the country, with highs of 19 degrees Celsius and lows of 11.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we are unfortunately expecting more heavy showers, so best to stay at home.

That's all from me for now. Have a nice evening. Good night.


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