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Weather forecast fun UNIT 5 - part of lesson H
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Weather Forecasts can be a lot of fun sometimes, especially when the weather man is a bit out of control. Watch this and see if you can understand a few words and expressions about the weather. Then you can check the transcription and have a look at all those expressions.

The man is American and the woman is British.

Notice how the man pronounces Birmingham /bɜrŋhæm/, because there is a city called Birmingham in the United States and it is pronounced like that. But in England, the city of Birmingham is pronounced /bɜ:ŋæm/ and no /h/. But of course, it is an understandable mistake for an American. Also notice how he has no idea how to pronounce the Welsh city of Aberystwyth, which is a Gaelic name. The correct pronunciation is /æbərɪstwɪθ/, but he says something like /æbəɪnəlɪθ/,just mumbling the end of it.

- I'm colder this weekend. What's happening, Steve?
- Well, there are lots of umbrellas that will be unfolded this weekend because we're expecting rain. Rain accross North America from Los Angeles, all the way to New York city. Up here, in Canada and New Foundland, errm, it will be raining as well. Really raining accross all of North America, Canada and...
- That's the Mediterranean
- ...Mexico.
- OK, what's happening here today?
- Ice, lots of ice.
- Ok, and then what-
- Ice in triangles, which are the most dangerous types of icestorms, the triangle ice.
- If you step over to the other side, ++++, there we are.
- Right here, at Aberystwyth, and Birmingham*, Peterborough, Dover, is going to be sunny with a chance of cloudiness. London, as you can see, sun and clouds mixed together making... nothing. Up here, in Inverness, and... we have, uh... more rain, and more rain... let's just say this, you will be seeing a lot of rain, no matter where you go in the UK.
- ++++++, fantastic, absolutely brilliant.


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