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3 BEST WAYS To Start A Conversation With A Beautiful Woman (The Attractive Man)
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Don't know how to start a conversation with a beautiful woman? The Attractive Man team's got you covered!

Matt shares his 3 best techniques on how to start a conversation with a beautiful woman. He shows you his quick, easy, effective ways to spark that attraction when you start talking to her as well!

So stop looking for the best lines. They're only good as starters. And sometimes, lines don't even work at all!

Conversation starters are great to have that fun, flirty vibe going. Don't miss out on our tips about non-verbal communication, too!

Watch the video and discover how Matt teaches his students his methods on the conversation. He talks about timing, mentality, and confidence. Attraction techniques that will turn her on immediately. Powerful mentalities that will boost your confidence.

Matt: Excuse me. Hey, real quick...
Matt: Starting a conversation with a beautiful woman can be very frustrating and even terrifying for a lot of guys. But it's actually a whole lot easier than you think if you keep the following three things in mind. And all the opening lines that I'm about to give you have all been 100% tested to be tried and true in giving you the best reactions from women. I'm Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and I'm going to show you how to start a conversation with a beautiful woman. When you start applying the following three techniques to all of your interactions with women, I guarantee your results will skyrocket.

No. 1 Approach within three seconds.
When you see a woman that you want to talk to, make sure to start approaching her within three seconds. From the time that you take that first step, no more than three seconds should go by. Do this no matter what because it short circuits your brain's ability to come up with excuses and which, you know, a lot of excuses can come up. I'm sure you know that I know that, they come up from me too. And, it also just conditions you to take action. It's like you see beautiful woman and within three seconds, you take that step towards her. Instead of doing what most guys do, see beautiful woman and think about it, analyze it and eventually, tuck themself out of it. It also conveys confidence. When you walk up to her right away, which is a really important attraction trigger for women, I'm sure you know that. So, next time you see a beautiful woman that you want to approach, count to three and when you get to the number three, start walking towards her. Okay, take a step and then taking another step, even if you bail
before you get to her 'cause maybe her boyfriend shows up or she jumps onto a bus or maybe you just chickened out. Okay, that's still a success because you're training your mind and your body to take action. You're conditioning yourself to, every time you see a beautiful woman, that you just go. If you do that fifty or a hundred times, eventually, that's going to be a habit. You're gonna see beautiful women and just be compelled to walk towards them and that's a pretty good habit to have.

No. 2 Open strong.

Coming in with a good opening line can start the interaction off on the right foot. So, it's really important. Now, for fun, flirty opening lines that get her laughing are great. However, there's no problem with just keeping it simple, especially if you don't know what to say or you're feeling a little bit tongue-tied. Here are some examples of some great opening lines. I really like banter openers because there are fun, flirty way to start an interaction going, especially in the night-time environment like a bar lounge or club or part or maybe even a concert.
"Hey, have you noticed that you and I are like the hottest people in this entire place? It's true, so I figured we have to at least meet"
"Hey, are you shy or something? Because I've been here for like 25 minutes and you haven't come and said hi to me yet or buy me a drink or anything. So you must be shy.”
Because people are there to have a good time, so if you can get the girls bantering back and forth and laughing and being playful, then of course, it's really good. Now, my favorite way to start a conversation, especially during the daytime, is to use a direct opener because people are busy, so using something indirect, beating around the bush;
a) it doesn't show any attractive qualities and
b) it wastes a lot of time. So, I like to just show my intent and my interest right away because that shows confidence, it shows that I must believe that this girl is also attracted to me. And it can create, as long as you do it the right way, it can create sexual tension. So, for example, I might say something like: Another favorite of mine is the intro opener, which is where you just introduce yourself. It works really well at nighttime, at bars, parties and meetup groups or you know any type of social gathering, really, where you just introduce yourself and that shows a lot
of confidence. It shows that you don't need a reason or an excuse to go talk to somebody.
Matt: "Hi, I don't believe we've met yet. I'm Matt." Woman: "Hi, I'm Dianna."
Make sure to say that confidently with strong eye contact and a warm smile. Now, feel free to modify these openers based on the situation or the, you know, the type of girls you're approaching or your individual mood or your own vibe, whatever. What's most important is, to keep in mind that ninety-three percent of communication is nonverbal. Therefore, your body language and how you actually deliver your opening statement, is gonna matter a lot more than the actual words you say. This is exactly what I mean by that and to learn how to spark sexual tension immediately, which is, extremely powerful. Then, make sure to watch my YouTube video on "how to spark sexual tension immediately" and there's a link to it down in the description.

No.3 Don't get caught up on the opener.

Remember, like I said, the actual words that you say when you first approached her really aren't all that important compared to the overall vibe that you're giving off. Later on when you're a little bit more advanced, it's nice to come back and kind of practice some of these different types of openers but in the beginning, when you're first starting off, keep it simple, man. It's totally fine to just say whatever is on your mind because that will get you in the habit of going for it, instead of always second-guessing yourself. And developing that habit will get you more women than any pickup line ever could. Now, of course there's other ways to start conversations with women as well. Such as being indirect or using an observation. Something you see about her or a situation something in the environment. The problem with those is it's harder to keep the conversation going because she doesn't know the real reason that you're talking to her which is probably because you're attracted to her. So, use the examples that I gave you in this video or something similar. Especially during the daytime, be direct. Don't be afraid to show your interest right away. And of course, like I said, it all depends on how you do it. There's a needy, supplicating way to do it. That's gonna repel women and then there's a really badass, more attractive way to do it. That's gonna build sexual tension right away. And of course, it's gonna work much better. What's key is that, after you show interest in her, you slightly take it away by challenging her. If you show too much interest too soon, it seems needy and it pushes her away. You have to also be a challenge. So, to show you how to be more of a challenge and get women to actually start chasing you, I created a video called how to get women to chase you. And there's a link down in the description and also on the right side of the screen. So go ahead and click that right now, and watch that video. Make sure to also subscribe to this channel for more dating tips and click that bell icon or notification. Also, if you're interested in live coaching, if you want
us to take you in feel and show you exactly how to meet an attractive and attract women, then check out our boot camp schedule. And also schedule yourself for a free consultation with us.

My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and i'll see you in the next video.

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