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Christmas kids
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Interviewing kids in the house about presents and Santa.

- What do you want for Christmas? wanna talk about it later?
- You wanna baby for Christmas? A doll?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Uhm, American Girl doll.
- American Girl doll?
- Presents!
- What kind of presents?
- I want a pink one and a pink one, and a...
- Hey, look over here.
- And a pink one and a pink one and a pink one.
- A pink one what?
- I got... after Prime.
- After Miss Prime?
- Yup.
- Uhm, a Play Station 3.
- What, What kind of games did you want?
- Uhm, a car game and Halo.
- Halo?
- Do you know who Santa is?
- Ah, yeah.
- What does he look like?
- Santa Claus?
- Yeah, what does he look like?
- He has a beard.
- And has he got a big belly?
- Yeah.
- How much does he weight?
- 60.40 pounds.
- 60.40 pounds?
- He got a red beard, and a red... clothes and a red ++++.
- He's a red beard and... uhm, and... uhm he's red.
- And what?
- And then he, he makes red coats.
- Red coats?
- What do you do under the mistletoe?
- What's a mistletoe?
- It's where you kiss girls.
- Ew!
- Ew, girls!
- How do reindeers fly?
- On magic.
- They fly with their... with their legs.
- With their legs?
- 'Cause they can fly in the sky.
- Do you know how fast Santa goes on the sleigh?
- Yeah. A little flow.  [?]
- A little flow? 
- Who's the Scrooge in your family?
- Uhm, my dad.
- Your dad?
- My grandpa.
- Your grandpa? Ok.
- What's your favourite Christmas song?
- Uhm, Jingle Bells.
- Can you sing it?
- Yeah.
- Try.
- Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...
- What do you think about Christmas?

WANNA= Want a / Want to.
- I wanna big house = I want a big house.
- I wanna go = I want to go.

DOLL= A toy girl. (see picture)

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL= A popular brand of dolls which produces chubby dolls, shocking! So un-Barbie! (just kidding)   (see picture).

YUP= A colloquial way of saying "yes".

DO YOU KNOW WHO SANTA IS?= Remember that in English, every question has an inversion and just one, so it is incorrect to say "do you know who is Santa?".

BEARD= /bɪəd/

BELLY= (coll.) Stomach (referring to the outside part, not the inside organ).

60.40 Lbs = 27.45 kgs    Notice that the symbol for "pounds" is "Lbs", but if we are talking about money, not weight, the symbol for "pounds" is £ and it goes before the number:
- 25 Lbs = 25 pounds (weight)
- £25 = 25 pounds (money)

MISTLETOE= /mɪsəltəʊ/A plant. People often hang a piece of mistletoe from the ceiling, usually by the front door. Tradition says that if a man and a woman are under the mistletoe, they have to kiss. So if you place the mistletoe strategically and they place the girl you like under the mistletoe, you can kiss her, and if she protests, you can point at the mistletoe and explain you are allowed to do so. (see picture)

REINDEERS= A variety of deer that lives in the north pole. The word "deer" has no plural (one deer, two deer), neither has "reindeer" (one reindeer, two reindeer), but sometimes people use it in the plural.

A LITTLE FLOW= No idea what this child means or if it's exactly that what she means.

THE SCROOGE= Scrooge is the main character of the book "A Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens. He's a mean old man who hates Christmas because he can't understand the spirit of Christmas. Here's a link to the trailer: A Christmas Carol. We use the expression "he's a Scrooge" to talk about people who don't like Christmas are always complaining about it.

JINGLE BELLS= One of the most popular Christmas carols. You can listen to it here: Jingle bells.


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