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Gothic fairy tale
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A short gothic tale with cool animation.


Lost within a dark forest lies an ancient castle where, legend tells us, resides a feared monster, a warrior of ruthless cruelty and powerful enough to defend the home of a young girl. I shall help you, but only if you promise to hear my story. I once helped a beautiful girl like you, so, like that story, I now help you. And so the young girl's village was saved, but as the sun rose the next day, there were no bodies to be found, only a bridge stained with blood. What happened to that beautiful girl you helped? She couldn't keep my story a secret, so I devoured her. She never saw the man again, but often thought of him, sitting alone with his story... THE END.

WITHIN= Inside.

LIES= (lie-lay-lain) If something lies in a places, it is there (formal expression).

ANCIENT= /nʃənt/ very very old (usually centuries old).

CASTLE= /kɑ:səl/

, LEGEND TELLS US, = According to a legend.
We use this phrase when we tell about something which is not true but for many years (usually for centuries) people have told about it and originally it was believed to be true.

RESIDES= (formal) Lives.

FEARED= Scary, that cause people to be afraid.

RUTHLESS= Having no compassion or pity, without mercy.

ENOUGH= /ɪnʌf/
We use this before nouns and after adjectives:
- We need to invite enough people for a big party.
- I'm not strong enough to lift this big stone.

AND SO...= And this is how...

THERE WERE NO BODIES TO BE FOUND= It was impossible to find any bodies.

STAINED= Covered or smeared with dirt, soil, paint, blood or any other substance (especially something that makes it look dirty).

BLOOD= /blʌd/ The red liquid that runs inside our body.

DEVOUR= /dɪvaʊə*/ Eat up.

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