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Marcel, the shell with shoes on
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A cute little story about a shell's life. Not an ordinary shell, mind you.

An animation short directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. Marcel is voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by Jenny Slate. Written by Jenny Slate + Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Marcel: My name is Marshell -- oh no! -- that's not the first time I've done that. My name is Marcel and I'm partially a shell, as you can see on my body . . . but . . . I also have shoes, and um, a face . . . so, I like that about myself and I like myself and I have a lot of other great qualities as well.
I know how it looks in here but it's not always so messy, but I didn't know that you were gonna have a camera and I wish that you had said that you were gonna be here today, 'cause I didn't -- I didn't clean up. I invited some friends from up state to come and eat salad, so, that's -- I'm sorr . . . well, that's just how it looks right now.
Guess what I wear as a hat.
Camera-person: What?
Marcel: A lentil!
One time I nibbled on a piece of cheese and my cholesterol went up to 900. Guess what I use to tie my skis to my car.
C-p: What?
Marcel: A hair. Guess what my skis are.
C-p: What?
Marcel: Toenails from a man. Um -- Do you wanna see me talk on the phone?
C-p: Sure.
Marcel:  Hello! This is me. What? Yeah. Yeah, I did. Oh yeah. Well, I could do it at -- yes? Wuh -- it would be my pleasure. Uh. . . I did, I did. Yeah, I'm sorry, I forgot to write a note. Thank you so much.
Guess what I use as a bean-bag chair.
C-p: What?
Marcel: A raisin. Guess what I do for adventure.
C-p: What?
Marcel: I hang-glide on a dorito. Guess what I use as a pen.
C-p: What?
Marcel: I use . . uh . . a pen, but it takes the whole family.
I'm afraid to drink soda, because I'm afraid the bubbles will make me float up onto the ceiling.
OK . . . eh, uh . . . my one regret in life is that I'll never have a dog.
But sometimes I tie a hair to a piece of lint and I drag it around.
I love you, come with me, come, come.
One time I smelled a smell from an old tennis sneaker, and it knocked me right out.
One time I looked at a diamond, and it gave me a sunburn.
His name is Allen. Guess where I found him.
C-p: Where?
Marcel: Under a tooth. Well, you know what they say . . .
C-p: What?
Marcel: Lint is a shell's best friend.
Do you wanna watch me try to lift this?
C-p: Sure.
Marcel: Alright.  No, I can't, I can't. I can't lift anything up at all.
Sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body, and then I say -- compared to WHAT?!
My brother once got in a fight with someone else, and guess how he killed him . . .
C-p: How?
Marcel: He impaled him on a brush.
C-p: That sounds very violent . . .
Marcel: We won't fight unless we're provoked.
Here! Come here! Come here . . .Come... Come heeere! I love you, come . . . . agh!!!


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