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Teacher's lives under coronavirus quarantine (Educapuppets)
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The coronavirus quarantine has turned many teachers all over the world into online teachers. This is what they have to deal with during such tough moments.

- Hi guys! are you all ready? I have sent a tutorial to use this online tool let's do it.

- How can I send you my homework?
- Please follow the tutorial I sent you on Monday.
- Why is my webcam not working?
- It's in the tutorial.
- Whre is the chat button?
- The... tutorial.
- But Tiago, where is the tutorial? I cannot find it!

- Have you corrected my activities?
- No, I haven't corrected your activities yet.
Karen, could you please switch off your microphone?
- But how do I do that?
- It's in the tutorial!

- Yes? Uhm... Okay, let's get connected.

- Oh God!
No, no, no, nooooo!
I can't wait to get back to normal.

GUYS= In this case it is the same as "everybody".

TOOL= An instrument, or something necessary to perform a task.

TUTORIAL= A video with instructions to show you how to do something step by step.


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