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This or That? - Jessie - Debby Ryan (Disney Channel)
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Disney Channel's This or That Quiz! Which do you prefer? Comment below!
Jessie, Debby Ryan, lets you know her favourite things are in a quick fire 'This or That'.

Disney Channel presents Jessie’s Debby Ryan in an exclusive “This or That?”
- Great. Oh good, I like this. Great.
So, do you prefer lipstick or lip-gloss?
- Lipstick
Long sleeve or short?
- Short sleeves. Especially in the summer. I like feeling the sun.
What about skirts or dresses?
- Dresses. Super easy.
Ok.  +++ now, scarves or hats?
- Hats. Always. Especially vintage hats.
Now, I know you love a bit of glitz, so necklaces or bracelets?
- Necklaces.
Ooh, How many?
- Just one.
Ok, glam heels or practical flats.
- Flats. All day.
Wise choice. Jacket or hoodie?
- Hoodie.
Flip-flops or sandals?
- Flip-flops. I kinda like the clacking sound that they make.
Ooh, me too. Bun or pony tail?
- Bun. I would have my hair in a bun for hours every day.
Ok. So Do you +++ cats or dogs?
- Dogs, I have a couple.
Ok, last one now +++. Rain or shine?
- Shine. I do enjoy a rainy day but there’s nothing like the sun.

Thanks for watching our “This or That” Q and A.

LIPSTICK= A stick to paint your lips (see picture). Also the paint on your lips.

LIP-GLOSS= A transparent liquid with a glossy touch applied to your lips to make them shine (see picture)

VINTAGE= In the fashion of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and maybe also the early 90's. Later than that is simply "old-fashioned", and earlier than that is historic fashion, but not really usable anymore.

GLITZ= Shiny/glittery things. Jewels and "constume jewelry" (fake jewels)

NECKLACEs= A necklace /neklɪs/ is an ornament worn around your neck (see picture)

BRACELETs= A bracelent /brslɪt/ is an ornament worn around your wrist (see picture)

GLAM= (coll.) Glamorous, stylish.

HEELS= Shoes with high heels (see picture)

PRACTICAL= Convenient; comfortable.

FLATS= Shoes with no high heels (see picture)

WISE= Clever, intelligent, reasonable, showing common sense.

CHOICE= Election. An act of choosing.

HOODIE= A sweater or top with a hood (see picture)

FLIP-FLOPS= (see picture)

BUN= A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head (see picture). Also a small bread roll (see picture)

PONY TAIL= A pony is a very small breed of horses having a long tail, and a "pony tale" is a gathering of hair that is fastened close to the head so that the hair hangs down like a pony's tail (see picture).

WOULD= We can use the auxiliary "would" in the same way as "used to" to talk about past habits or situations. In colloquial English we can also use it sometimes to talk about present habits or situations.


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