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5-5 Opposite words May 5
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Survival course to learn English from scratch

1- watch the video. 2- watch it again repeating after the teacher. 3- read the transcript (optional), see if you understand. 4- watch the video again once or more times until you learn the lesson well. 5- now try to use some objects to reproduce the dialogue (more or less) so you can practise what you just learnt. [With thanks to Hugosite]

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These are letters. This is one letter. These are numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4 are numbers. These are letters. 4 is a number. Sometimes it's called a "numeral", but 4 is a number. This is a letter, O, this is the letter O, P, P, O, S, I, T, E.
- How do you say that word? How do you pronounce that word?
- We say "opposite"
- What does that word meaning? What's the meaning of that word?
- We can look it up. I'll show you. If this is one direction, this is the opposite direction.
Words can have opposites.
what's the opposite of "up"? "Down".
high - low
in - out
good - bad
We call those words "opposites".


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