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Nouns in English may be countable or uncountable. We need to know this if we want to use the English articles correctly so before learning the articles (Unit 6-L) we will see here a little introduction to countable/uncountable nouns and a bit of the articles too. Note: I'm sorry but the PDF's he talks about on this video are nowhere to be found, but you have two videos with exercises to practise everything he teaches here. Look for them in the related videos below.
The basic use of English articles is quite simple. A & an are indefinite articles. The is the definite article. a/an vs the:Use A/AN when you are selecting one of a group and THE when there is only one of something.
Learn some very important grammatical words: some/any, much/many, a lot of, little/few. Watch the video and read the explanations.
In this lesson, learn how to make exclamations in English using How, What, So and Such.Don't forget to check the other videos below. ON THIS VIDEO: What a great student you are! How wonderful! In this video, teacher Emma will teach you about "how" and "what" exclamations such as "How exciting!" "What a cute couple!" Exclamations are very important in conversational English, and will help you to sound more natural in your English. Watch this video to find out more. What a great idea!
This video is about women's clothes. Choose the words you want to learn. More videos below. Mind this common difference: AmE pants = BrE trousers AmE underwear = BrE pants
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