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How and when to use USED TO to talk about past actions that are not true anymore. Watch this video, read the explanations and then watch the rest of the videos in this lesson.
This tense is used to talk about the past. Here you can learn how to use it and how it is different from the simple past tense. Watch this video as a presentation (try to understand something if you can) and then read the explanations and watch the other videos. You can also read explanations which come with interactive activities attached: 1- Present Perfect: uses2- Present Perfect vs Simple Past3- Present Perfect Continuous
Leanne tells us about the use of Present Perfect Continuous in the English language.
The use of the past perfect tense.
Let's practise some basic talking about the past with these questions: - What's the last film you saw?- What did you think of it?
And, But, Or are connectors. Connectors are also called conjunctions. Watch this presentation video and then read the explanations and watch the other videos to learn how to use the most important connectors in English.
The word LIKE can be a verb or a preposition. Read the explanations and then watch the other videos below.
Here we will learn about the comparison of adjectives. Read the explanations and then watch the videos below.
Vocabulary about school and work. Here you have a video about office supplies. Watch the other videos in this lesson. Choose the vocabulary you want to learn.
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